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  • Spectrum LED Flowlight

Spectrum LED Flowlight

Product Description

Details: Flowtoys designed the flowlight from the ground up for high performance, combining the latest technology and components with high-impact plastics to create the ultimate LED glowstick. Great for glowsticking, performance, martial arts, concerts, bicycling, camping, mood lighting, fashion accessory and urban ninja gear. 

Flowlight: High-tech LED lightstick with 11 light modes.


  • Sold individually as shown in the picture
  • Length= 130mm
  • Diameter= 23mm
  • Mass= 37g w/ Battery


Batteries: Each flowlight runs on 1 AAA (not included) at full brightness throughout battery life - does not dim.

Recommendations: Pick up a Flow Leash w/ Handle and Crystal Case for each Flowlight to POI!



Breathe: peaceful, ambient lighting with all LEDs slowly fading in and out together at a rate similar to the breath of a healthy human being in deep sleep

Bliss: blissful and mesmerizing with all LEDs fading in and out independently of each other

Bold: bright with all LEDs in full power

Beat: consistent trippy effect w/ all LEDs strobing at the same rate

Beacon: a pulse that serves as a good item or camp marker with all LEDs pulsing at the same rate as the heartbeat of a healthy person at peace

Bling: a phat strobe pattern with 2 alternating colors

Beads: an attractive strobe pattern with 2 colors alternating and mixing to resemble a beaded necklace

Blaze: leaves trails that resemble comets shooting through the air

Bounce: delightful bands of light sparking in unpredictable places

Booyah!: our most "bad-ass" trippy mode. some say the trails look like shifting gears

Bounty: cycles through all the other modes, except for beacon, displaying each for 11 secs



Spectrum LED Flowlight has a rating of 4.3 stars based on 9 reviews.