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eLite Spectra Bluetooth Glove Set


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Stephen L.
United States

Next level but can't wait for a V2.

Pros: Can literally do anything any bulb ever can do. Easily programmable. Very bright. Excellent clickers. Small cases. Accelerometers are super fun and can be used to create some very very interesting glove sets (Try setting lights to Flux and the 1st or 2nd color to blank for a very interesting teleporting look!) Cons: Bluetooth hub EATS batteries like no tomorrow. Even if it's left off it will be dead in 24 hours. Locking it from turning on doesn't seem to help. Also, why on earth does this use a different battery than the lights? Forcing us to carry multiple battery types is poor design. Lights are super easy to accidently switch in to program mode instead of turning off and nearly impossible to get out of that mode once they're in it. Accelerometers are not quite as sensitive as they could be. Compared to Atoms they just aren't nearly as responsive and flexible. Summary: Excellent features and reasonable price. Slightly more trouble than it's worth.




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Customer Support Team

IntotheAM / iHeartRaves / EmazingLights

Kaitlyn K.
United States


Got it for a friend, she loves it!

Leonardo P.
United States


The Spectras have been amazing since i switched to them. The app has been fun to play with. Once you get a feel for the app it gets easier totally worth it for me!!!!

Nick A.
United States

Beyond amazing

THERES SO MUCH YOU CAN DO. smart hub isn't my favorite thing to tinker with as far as syncing the sets but it's amazing nonetheless. And shout out to emazing lights for having the best a fastest customer support

Tuan N.
United States

Very good

The spectras are the best









The Future of Gloving. Now.

  • All-in-One App
  • Millions of Colors
  • Pattern Creator
  • Patented Bluetooth Technology
    (U.S. Patent No. 9,148,931)

Program and sync your lights faster than ever.

  • Customize all of your modes with the all new EmazingLights App.
  • See a Live Preview on your Smart Hub as you tweak your settings.
  • Sync your entire glove set in seconds.

Introducing the All-in-One EmazingLights App.

After 4 years of research and development,
Today we reach a new benchmark in our evolution.

  • Build off Emazing’s glove sets or start from scratchBuild off Emazing’s glove
    sets or start from scratch
  • Edit and reorder modesEdit and reorder
    modes on-the-go
  • Create your own color palettesCreate your own
    color palettes
  • Design custom flashing patterns for your styleDesign custom flashing
    patterns for your style
  • Free app updates with bonus featureFree app updates
    with bonus feature


Using a near-infinite color palette, you can create and theme your colors to be completely unique to you. And there's more than one way to do it. You can use an interactive color picker, input an exact hex value (16 million combinations), or play with sliders for Red-Green-Blue and Hue-Saturation-Brightness values.

Each mode on the Spectra allows up to 8 Color Slots and 3 Tint options per color. You can mix and match colors from your own custom color palettes, or use our new stock color palettes like Vivid, Pastel, White-tinted and more.

Flashing Patterns

We jam packed the EmazingLights App with 48Bluetooth compatible Flashing Patterns. This includes 25 never-before-seen Patterns. We can't wait for you to try out the new Razor, Onebeat, Mini-Edge, Puppet's Pattern and so many more.Plus, take any of these base flashing patterns and put them in the Flashing Pattern Creator to experiment and make something the world has never seen.

Spectra is Infinitely Unique

With this many customization options, your Spectras will never look like anyone else’s. Unless, of course, you want them to.

See a Live Preview on your Smart Hub
as you tweak your settings.

See a Live Preview on your Smart Hub
as you tweak your settings.

Choose from millions of color options.

Just drag your finger and take your pick.
Root-level Flashing Pattern Creator

Root-level Flashing
Pattern Creator

We preloaded the Spectra App with 48 fully editable flashing patterns, all of the classics you’ve seen before plus a bunch of totally new ones. Edit options like Strobe Length, Gap Length and more to recreate any existing flashing pattern, or make something totally new to the world.

Motion Reactive Accelerometer

Motion Reactive

Just like on the Elements, Spectra Glove Lights come with built-in motion reactive accelerometers. We’ve perfected Speed, Tilt and Flux motion options to react smoothly in-sync with your movements, plus made them adjustable to your exact specs. Accelerometer not included on the Smart Hub.

Access Gloving History

Access Gloving History

Not only are all the old glove sets available to use or edit, but so are the default modes they came with. So for example, if you love Starry Night on the Chroma24 as much as we do, it’s here, along with everything else from our current glove sets. Future app updates will feature discontinued glove sets like the OG Chromas and more.

Flow & Impact Timers

Flow & Impact Timers

We brought in the combined powers of the Flow and eNova glove sets to please the flow artists and impacters among us. Use the Flow Timer for hands-free mode changes, or use the Impact Timer to burn retinas the old fashioned way. Both timers are fully adjustable to fit your preferred timing.

  • • 10 x Clear Bulb eLite Spectra Glove Lights
  • • 1 x Spectra Smart Hub
  • • 10 x Clear eLite 4.0 Casings
  • • 20 x 1620 Batteries
  • • 10 x Standard LED diffusers
  • • 1 x Pair Medium Magic Stretch Gloves
  • • Glove Pouch
  • • Instructions