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  • PiWO Strobe LED Bulb for Light Shows

PiWO Strobe


Product Description

PinkWhiteOrange bulb is spectacular! Every Pink combination bulb is very vibrant and this one isn't any different! As you move this light, it will create an awesome 'dot' effect to light up your lightshows! Strobe lights are the best looking for gloving, however, mixing strobes and ribbons creates an awesome effect! All of our LED Bulbs are guaranteed to last a lifetime! They come uncut and ready for all light casings (dotz/maxlights/gluvmax/Inovas) Switching LED bulbs out of your casings is a great way to refresh your lightshows and try out new styles!
PiWO Strobe has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.