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  • Orbite - Dotz & Photons LED Bulb for Light Shows with Trails

Orbite - Dotz & Photons

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Product Description

Details: Extremely durable and easy to assemble, our introductory Orbite™ is the perfect tool for all new and aspiring Orbiters!


  • All of our Orbites are professionally built and manufactured. No zip ties or messy, uneven orbit setups to be found here!
  • The Orbite™ makes it super simple and quick to set up your new orbit. The Orbite™ literally "bites" down onto your micro lights and with the new innovative design keeps the lights from coming apart as you spin the orbit at unbelievable speeds.
  • The Orbite™ has been put through rigorous testing and has been said to be virtually indestructible. The design will bite down onto your microlights and keep them in place but if you are a serious orbiter and want extra protection you can secure the Orbite™ down with the included screw and special lock nut provided with every order.

Special Features: The Orbite™ allows the lights to be spread apart further than if they were simply zipped tied together, thus creating a larger area of effect with the lights. This means your awesome stars and shapes will be larger than ever!


Please view the demo video to see the Orbite™ in action.

Do not operate orbits without wearing safety glasses.
Caution: Product Safety and Liability


Ready for the next level in orbiting? Check out the all-new Orbite X:

Orbite - Dotz & Photons has a rating of 4.48 stars based on 21 reviews.

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Great Orbit Adaptors!

Sturdy and easy to put together with a single screw. Lights fit snugly in the spaces. They hurt to get hit with though haha. Wish there was an orbit for some of the newer microlights, I wanna put a set of chromas in an orbite!



wtf did u guys do glue the orbite i cant get it apart


Its Ok

Has about .030-.040 inches of play in it when using dotz. Which causes wobble and slows it down You can buy metal shims off mcmaster (.170 ID x .241 OD) and place a few under your light and over the center post to take up the extra space. Or if you're cheap you can just cut some circular pieces or paper out and stick them in there.



I cracked my last orbite from being careless so I had to buy a new one and decided to upgrade to dotz 2's while I was at it. My personal opinion- I like the way dotz 2's fit in orbites as opposed to original dotz. Fit in much tighter and will not make that clicking sound when spun.



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