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  • Orange Photon Freedom

Orange Photon Freedom

Product Description

Details: The Photon Freedom Microlight is one of the most durable and historical classic Microlights out there. If you want a piece of gloving history from its very earliest days or a light that will never break, grab one of these before they're gone forever.

  • Size and weight of a US Quarter with a simple On/Off button
  • Still one of the brightest Microlights in existence, visible up to a full mile away, and a full-range suite of adjustable brightness settings
  • 5 Classic Modes: Slow, Medium, Fast, SOS and Signal Modes
  • Uses CR2016 Batteries
  • Water Resistance, 24K Gold Plated Contacts and a Glass Filled Polyurethane Body make this microlight virtually indestructible and everlasting, even in sub-zero temperatures
  • Every light comes with hands-free clip, Photon Necklace and a lifetime warranty with Photon



The Photon Guarantee: If your LRI product fails for any reason other than battery expiration, return it for free repair or replacement.