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  • Mystery Bulb Pack

Mystery Bulb Pack


Product Description

If you're going for the most unique glove set in the building, there's no question that bulbs are the way to go. Programmable lights certainly have their advantages, but bulb collectors know best: a custom bulb set is guaranteed to have that distinct look that sets you apart. The more bulbs you go through, the more refined your sets become. Grab this LED Bulb booster pack and discover bulbs you may have never seen before. You might even come upon some rare pieces that bulb collectors will drool over. Each Mystery Bulb Pack comes with approximately 100 bulbs, with no more than 10 of the same type. With a solid mix of older and newer bulbs, you're guaranteed to find some gems.

Mystery Bulb Pack has a rating of 4.0 stars based on 11 reviews.