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eLite Flow Glow Sticks (Set of 2)

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Hurts so good!

Super fun to spin although the hard plastic hurts when it hits you. Also, swing these hard enough at each other and they'll break. I've super glued mine a couple times but they really need an epoxy now. Please make these with higher quality plastic! Also the optional clear rubber ends make these 2x brighter and look more like poi, they should come stock!


Five Stars!?

I ordered this with the ePoi and did not receive it in the mail with my order. I ended up getting a refund after I e-mailed because it was sold out, even though I had purchased it. These things must be good if they are out of stock. I'll find out someday!!!



Sorry about that Brock, they are back in stock now!

Donna G.

to much fun

They are great and are so much fun

Travis V.

Good Stuff!

Both products came quickly and in good condition. Gotta say though, clocking yourself in the head with those glowsticks hurts quite a bit. XD The Orbite was surprisingly good quality for such a cheap price tag. Very satisfied overall.

Nicholai S.

had my set for a good bit 6 months need parts though

first of all these are just awsome i always get asked man where did u get those ive never seen poi like that i say there not poi there for sticking most kids dont even know the term lol i got the ctrl glove light chips in mine and wow def worth it everyone should def try out the different glove lights in urs but here is my big complaint strings are worn as well as one of my sticks are cracked and the rubber pieces are cracking as well we really could use parts for these as far as i know u can only get them here so why not sell things we need to fix them ?

Tiffany L.


Got my package on time. Never disappoint me

Cory D.

look nice but durability is a concern

These glowsticks look awesome from the jump... however, I found that within a week of mildly using them, I noticed that one of the led's would reset itself even on simple body wraps (they cycle through all 9 modes when you turn them on, and mine would jump back to that mode from whatever mode I had it in). The other chip/led only resets on hard 'glowstick on glowstick' impacts, which I expected. When I contacted customer service regarding it I was informed that it is due to the 'ez click' technology as if I was 'clicking' the button (funny because when you click the button, it just goes to the next mode, NOT the default mode).. however I think it's just a poor led/chip because the other one that came with the set works just fine and only resets on really hard contact with the other glowstick.. Now I have a set of glowsticks that have 8 awesome modes that are cool to look at for the minute or 2 it takes for the one to reset and mess up the mode, rendering mode selection pretty useless.. and the default mode is annoying because once it cycles through, it just goes to the '2nd' mode, and it does not continue cycling..if they would have sent me a replacement chip/led for the one chip that seems defective, and had it worked as the other functioning chip I have does, then I would have given 5 stars because they really do look, feel, and swing great otherwise.

Maria S.

I'll be back

Timely ship. Excellent product. Exactly as described. Perfect condition. I will order again and definitely recommend to others!

Fredrick N.

I liked it

I liked it



Love the programmable light sticks. Never been able to customize my colors and modes before



eLite Flow Glow Sticks (Set of 2)

It's not poi, it's glowstringing. Get it right! Glowstringing is similar to poi spinning, but with higher speeds and more body contact moves. Old school glowstringers will remember their spinning days with crazy bright light shows and endless concept possibilities, but with one fatal flaw: the glow sticks always burn out way too quick. We've solved this problem and more with the eLite Flow Glow Sticks.

These glow sticks utilize eLite Flow Chip technology, which lets you program up to 3 colors at once from a palette of 20 awesome colors. Then, when you turn it on in Demo Mode, these colors will flow automatically between 8 different mind-blowing flashing patterns every 7 seconds.

Built-in Flashing Patterns:

  • HyperStrobe
  • Ribbon Fade
  • Pulse
  • 7-Color Ribbon
  • Dash Morph
  • Strobe Fade
  • Strobe Morph
  • Kandi Mode

Each glow stick is built to spin like a dream. A comfortable, double finger loop handle attaches to a free spinning swivel to allow for a free flowing spin. The nylon cord ties together to have an adjustable length, accommodating all kinds of spinning preferences and styles.

eLite Flow Glow Sticks Specs

  • 30" standard length, adjustable
  • 0.5 diameter glow sticks
  • 56 grams
  • 1x double finger loop handle included