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  • eLite Chroma24 LED Glove Light Chip
  • eLite Chroma24 LED Rave Glove Light (1)
  • eLite Chroma24 Glove Light (1)

eLite Chroma24 Glove Light (1)


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Product Videos

Product Description

The eLite Chroma24 is about taking the most innovative and popular glove light of all time, and making it even better.

Featuring an entirely reimagined color palette, all new ChromaWheel color selection system and utilizing the stunning beauty of clear bulb LEDs - the Chroma24 isn’t just an upgraded glove light, it’s the perfect tool to let your light shows shine.

show your colors

The Chroma has always been about choice of colors, so we decided to take it all one step further. Utilizing a custom built hardware system, Ice Kream Teddy, Gummy, and Mimik worked with our engineers to painstakingly perfect the new and updated colors one shade at a time.

New Colors

Updated Colors

Chroma Wheel The New way to choose your colors

Intuitive new ordering of color choices begins with white and blends naturally through the color spectrum.

Default Modes

All New Color Palette Same Great Chip

Tint Control

Our industry leading Tint Control is exclusive to the eLite Chroma, making it the only microlight of its kind.Tint Control allows glovers to effortlessly choose between 3 different brightness settings when choosing any color, stretching our refreshed 23 color palette to a total of 69 unique color options.

5 Mode or 1 Mode

Like to conjure? Simply hold down the programming button while on any mode until it flashes green and your light will switch to 1-mode on/off functionality. Quickly return to 5-mode functionality by repeating the process. The Chroma24 is the best light on the market because it was designed for glovers of all styles in mind.

Create Your Own Modes

The Chroma24 allows glovers to program up to 7 colors per mode and utilize the blank option to create different strobe effects and patterns. Arguably the most powerful feature of the Chroma24, these options allow glovers to recreate old school bulbs and even discover never before seen light trails.

The Answer is Crystal Clear

You asked and we delivered. The Chroma24 comes standard with beautifully vibrant clear LED bulbs.

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