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  • eLite 4.0 Casing for LED Glove Lights  (10 pack) - Clear
  • eLite 4.0 Casing for LED Glove Lights  (10 pack) - Clear
  • eLite 4.0 Casing for LED Glove Lights  (10 pack) - White
  • eLite 4.0 Casing for LED Glove Lights  (10 pack) - Clear
  • eLite 4.0 Casing (10 pack) - Black

eLite 4.0 Casings (10 pack)


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Product Description

With all the customizability that chips like the eLite Element and Chroma24 offer, glovers are clicking their lights more than ever before. Which is cool, but what good is a glover with sore thumbs? We decided to build a casing that just made clicking a dream. Thus, the eLite 4.0 was born.

The Mode Switcher's Dream

This big new button is a big deal. Mode switching used to require our glovers to put their fingers in awkward positions and apply pressure in hard-to-reach places to click their lights mid-show. Now, you can reach the button from almost anywhere: top, bottom, left, right - it's almost too easy.

Non-slip Thermoplastic Rubber Construction

So, what is Thermoplastic Rubber? Glad you asked. Basically, this rubber contains our secret chemical ingredient "gloveonium" that makes you never want to stop gloving. Okay, not quite, but it might as well. These casings are so soft and so non-irritating to your cuticles, you'll never want to take them off.

Perfect Size, Comfort and Durability

For the 4.0, we knew exactly which features to preserve from its ancestors.
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* Size: This casing is the exact same size as the 3.0, reaffirming it as the smallest microlight on the market.
* Comfort: The thermoplastic rubber bottoms provide a softgel that uniquely conforms to your fingers.
* Durability: With a hard plastic circumference and reinforced snap locks, these things were built to last. Plus, the 4.0's hug your chips in place, so if the casing breaks open, the chip won't pop out.

Quieter, More Tactile Click

With our redesigned top casing, the button feels YOU. These 4.0 casings require a much softer, faster touch than before. No need to put that extra force onto your chips. Get through your whole color palette in seconds!

Mix and Match
Any eLite Casing

We know you've got old casings laying around. Grab your 1.0's, 2.0's, and 3.0's of all colors - the 4.0's are backwards compatible with all eLite casings. If you're feeling extra creative, throw on some eLite Decals. The Bullseyes are a perfect outline for the new tops.

Compatible with All eLite Chips

Use eLite 4.0 Casings with all of our eLite Chips, even the discontinued ones you keep under your pillow for the Dank Head fairy.

- Element
- Chroma24/Chroma
- Oracle
- Matrix
- eNova

- Flow
- Trinity
- ezLite 2.0/ezLite
- 1-Mode

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Rachel G.


I got the white ones and they make my lights look completely different. They're much sharper with those than with than the clear ones I used to have, instead of the entire casing glowing you can only see the light. Well worth it

Brenndan T.

Black casings

Great product just wish they came in more colors

Brandon B.


Got here fast and in great condition.... now if my lights would just get here already.

Ernie R.


Very nice, shipped fast and everything worked well.

Ray A.

Not complete

Not all the casing were in the packet. They send me an uneven number of the bottom and top ones



Hello, Ray We apologize for the inconvenience. For future issues regarding any orders please contact us directly at support@emazinglights.com. At this time we would be willing to issue a reshipment of the item if you can please tell us how many tops and bottoms were originally received.