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Electrons Orbit Handles

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Wildflowr D.
United States

Super bomb product

Best handles I’ve purchased!!

Ryan J.

Awesome but needs work

These handles are friggn awesome with the exception of two things. One: the flow chips come loose during practice and would likely fly away if I swung them hard enough. Two: Lack of material on the closed end side causes a stress riser whilst maintaining tension on my Zero Orbit, which has made one of the handles begin to crack after just a couple days use. Thus I'm only giving 3 stars on these

Ryan J. verified customer review of Electrons Orbit Handles
Mario A.
United States


Amazing ...adds a whole new platform

Alexander G.
United States

Love the Handles

So far, I have been loving these new handles! I'm new to the Orbit but picking it up quick and like the extra flair they add! Perfect weight and so bright!


Great addition but..

The electron handles really added a new dimension to my orbiting routines. Everybody loves seeing the additional lights and I've a lot of new stuff to learn. But after orbiting somewhat intensely, the handles broke. I hope there will be an solution to their life-span soon!

Joelle B.
United States

Great handles!

Absolutely love these handles. The only problem is that over time and lots of use they tend to rip slightly in the loop. Other than. That they are great to use and have a great weight.

Joelle B. verified customer review of Electrons Orbit Handles
jasmine ..
United States

Super dope !

Really nice bright lights makes your orbit look way more eye catching (:


not too shabby

I don't think my last one posted, my bad. I use these along side Helix ultragrip poms (full of washers for weight) which have a wider mouth than most pom grips ie: lanternsmith and what comes with v2 pods..... I also, like others have experienced the broken, lost chips which as you see in the picture, I have found that the Electrons fit snug into "Flow Caps" by flow toys. I am currently working on a way to utilize these together which will keep the chips not only safe inside but as you can see it adds more Diffusion to the setup in general. I am thinking of sewing the flow caps to the ultragrips and hollow out the back of the flow caps which will slide down the leash with ease exposing the electron when I need to change batteries or chips but also housing them safely inside when swinging my poi (note the leash is just fed through the round grip and tied to the Electron so the round grip and flow cap will move freely down the leash when needed). This is just my fix for personal use, I hope this may be useful to someone else or even spark some ideas to upgrading the product. All in conclusion I am happy with this purchase and plan to buy another 2 sets for other Poi setups that we have. Big Ups EmazingLights!!! I am a lifetime customer.

BPM verified customer review of Electrons Orbit Handles

Not too shabby.

I use these for poi handles along side Helix ultra grip handles (filled with washers for weight). I have noticed that the Electrons fit snug inside of "Flow Caps" which I am trying to modify to hold the Electrons in better, I have had some issues as everyone else with losing chips and or breaking them which is why I am modifying them with Flow caps as covers to keep the chips inside the Electron casings, It also gives you a bigger diffuser. I love the Electrons but there is definitely a bit of flaw with them holding of the chip inside during aggressive wraps and tricks. I can also see where there would be weak points at the string attachment area for orbits. In conclusion I am satisfied with this purchase and plan to buy some for another poi setup we have, I just would like them to be more stable,maybe even wider for more diffusion space. In picture, left has Flow cap, right is just Electron.


Flying Chips

Love the size and how portable this electron handles are. Had to buy to learn handle tricks. Got better with time, but that caused problems too. The chips/lights would fly away from the handles when doing tricks cause the handles wouldn't hold the chips well enough. I ended up losing about 5 chips. If you improve the casing on the handles, I would then give this product a 5 star review. My only complaint.


Hello! Thank you for shopping at EmazingLights! We appreciate you reaching out to us. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience of this situation. We will pass this information along to the appropriate department for further review on the product. We appreciate your feedback! We are dedicated to our customer's satisfaction, so if there is anything we can do to further assist you, and make this a 5-star experience, please reach out to us! :) Thank you for shopping with us! Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.





Get a Better Hold of Your Show

The Electrons orbit handles are designed with the new generation of orbiters in mind. Perfectly weighted and shaped for optimal control of your orbit no matter where you are spinning!

Made For Orbiters, By Orbiters

orbiters orbiters
  • Designed & Weighted for the Perfect Spin
  • Optimal Grip & Feel (100% Premium Silicone)
  • Easy to Use & Set Up
  • Ultra Light Diffusion for Maximum Brightness
  • Designed & Weighted for the Perfect Spin
  • Easy to Use & Set Up
  • Optimal Grip & Feel (100% Premium Silicone)
  • Ultra Light Diffusion for Maximum Brightness

The ELECTRONS are Compatible
with The Entire eLite Microlight Family

electrons compatible

What’s In The Package?

  • 2x Electrons Orbit Handles (Fully Assembled)

    (2x) Electrons Orbit Handle Casings

    (2x) eLite V2 Flow Chips

    (6) Washers

  • Premium Orbit String
  • Instructions