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  • Emazing Diffuser Pack for LED Glove Lights

Emazing Diffuser Pack


Product Description

Details: We are glovers first and foremost here at Emazing Lights and everything we design we do so with other glovers in mind. When it came time to create our newest line of diffusers we wanted to make sure we focused on the most important aspects of the design process: innovation, comfort and durability. Our Dome and Popcorn diffusers broke tradition and changed the rules of how big and what shape diffusers could be. Now, we are following up these innovations with our new series of Fingertip Diffusers which are ergonomically designed to fit around your fingertips and feel like natural extensions of your fingers. Available in both clear and frosted varieties, our newest diffusers were made to ensure there is a shape, size and look for glovers of all hand types and artistic styles. Constructed of the best materials on the market, our diffusers are built to last and are formed perfectly to show through the tips of your gloves. We are super proud of what we have created and look forward to all of our new innovations that are on the way!


What are you waiting for? Test out our entire line of new diffusers with our Emazing Diffuser Pack today!



 Combine these with a set of our new eLite Matrix microlights and start giving truly Emazing light shows!




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