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  • Capsule Poi Duo for Flow Art
  • Capsule Poi Duo
  • Capsule Poi Duo
  • Capsule Poi Duo
  • Capsule Poi Duo

Capsule Poi Duo

Product Description

Flowtoys' Capsule poi duo offer you all the light features of the Capsule Light (originally introduced in PodPoi) in a tubing-based rig that's great for performance, even in brighter environments. Parts and lights can be used in FlowToys modular system of staffs, batons, flower sticks and more. Sold as a pair.


  • pair of Capsule Poi Duo w/ built-in batteries 
  • pair of FlowLeashes 
  • 4 USB Charging Cords
  • Instruction Manual


Key Features

  • Bright, durable capsule light with many beautiful modes and infinite adjustability
  • End-weighted silicone flowcap
  • Modified crystal case
  • Super-soft flowleash with swivelled floop handle
  • Charges via microUSB power and most modes last all night or longer 
  • Flowcaps make it a snap to use your lights in our modular system of staffs, batons, flower sticks and more
  • Lifetime Warranty (from manufacturer)


Tech Specs

  • Poi Head Weight: 140g; with mass: 170g.
  • Size: length 203mm | diameter 42mm (8 x 1.65 inches)
  • Leash: FlowLeash with swivelled floop handle - the first leash system custom fabricated for poi spinning. Leash is adjustable from the handle end for a custom fit.
  • Materials: Silicone rubber flowcap shell with internal polycarbonate snap cap, modified polyurethane crystal case and polycarbonate light capsule
  • Battery: 3.5-4.2v, 750mAh rechargeable Li-ion
  • Micro-USB: Maximum power draw of 500mA
  • LEDs: 4x super-bright RGB LEDs - total of 12 LEDs

Important safety precautions: Click here


Capsule Poi Duo has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 4 reviews.