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  • BOSS SoCal - August 6th, 2016 - Competition Entry Fee

BOSS SoCal - August 6th, 2016 - Competition Entry Fee

Product Description

August BOSS is the first Southern California BOSS of the 2016 Season! With IGC 2016 quickly approaching, the questions are out. Who are the Legends? Why have I heard so little about IGC 2016? And what’s with all the mystery? The first bits of the mystery will start to unravel at August BOSS. So come out to EmazingLights West Covina to hear more and compete for one of the last chances to earn a spot in Legends.

Last year, BOSS & IGC became a worldwide sensation with the largest amount of glovers from different states (and countries!) ever. It all culminated in a tournament where we had Legends from all over the country with the first ever 2-time IGC winner crowned at the year-end event. This year, we’ve expanded that even further but the biggest changes are still to come.

At the end of this year, gloving competitions will change forever. Start the journey here.

BOSS: Saturday, August 6th 2016 @ The EmazingLights West Covina Store

As always, you can come spectate the event for FREE!

As the competitive scene has grown, so has the need for a bigger system. This year, we let the community dictate the flow of competitions as we watched, learned and built on what we have. We’re finally ready to start giving you sneak peeks of what we’ve been working on all year but the whole thing won’t be revealed until IGC 2016. In the meantime, get ready to enjoy the year of the community.

Competitive Gloving will change forever at the end of the year and those competing at IGC 2016 will be the first to experience it. Will you be there?

  • August BOSS Competition Tickets are available Online Only. You can sign up for the Waitlist at the West Covina Retail Store day of.
  • All online entries must be paid in full to guarantee their spot In BOSS - Select ‘In-Store Pickup’ at checkout to avoid shipping fees.
  • Competitors Check-In 11:30am - 1pm. If you have not checked in by 1pm your spot will be given to somebody on the waitlist. Competition starts promptly at 1:30pm.
  • Please bring in your invoice + order number on the day of BOSS.
  • Spots generally fill up quickly. Purchase today to guarantee your spot before it's gone.
  • $25 Entry day of event (if not sold out).
  • ***NOTE***: No refunds after the end of the first round. Refunds are in person only at the store. You cannot give your spot to somebody else unless you arrive before the end of Check In. You must be with the person you are giving the spot to..

As always, spectators get in FREE!

220 S. Glendora Ave West Covina, CA 91790



Over $1000 In Cash and Prizes

1st Place
$250 Cash
eLite Element V2 Glove Set
iHeartRaves Apparel TBA
Into the AM Apparel TBA
eCharge Battery Packs
2500 PokeCoins
Free IGC 2016 Spectator Ticket
Free Entry to IGC 2016 - Qualify for Legends Bracket
2nd Place
$100 Cash
eLite Chroma CTRL Glove Set
iHeartRaves Apparel TBA
Into the AM Apparel TBA
2500 PokeCoins
Free IGC 2016 Spectator Ticket
3rd Place
$50 Cash
iHeartRaves Apparel TBA
Into the AM Apparel TBA
Zero Orbit
Free IGC 2016 Spectator Ticket



New Rules & Competition Format for 2016

The same format from 2015 but streamlined.

  • 32 Competitors - First Come, First Serve
  • 1 Judge per match (even more judges during playoffs)
  • 3 Swiss-style Rounds - All competitors guaranteed 3 matches
  • Top 8 single-elimination Playoff Bracket



New Score Card

As of May 2014, the Scorecard for BOSS and IGC has been changed to accommodate the new standard of what makes a great gloving light show.

Updated scorecard coming soon!

There are three main categories Execution. Musicality, and Presentation.


  1. Execution is separated into tricks/transitions and lose points for poorly executed or repetitive ones.

  2. Musicality points are earned in three ways.

    1. Hitting the drop- 3 points – Glovers must adjust various aspects of their show when the song encounters a dramatic beat change (ex. From build up to drop)

    2. Story- 2 points- This is for showmanship. Glovers must begin and end their show as a show, not a cluster of moves.

    3. Flow – Glovers must do their best to appear as if their show is fluid and routine to the song

  3. Presentation points have three categories.

    1. Cleanliness- 5 Points- Measurement of how clean each glover was during their show

    2. Concept Variety- 5 Points- Measurement of glover’s versatility with different styles

    3. Use of space- 5 Points- Measurement of each glover’s use of their space and awareness of their audience.


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