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Alice in Wonderland 4-Light Orbit


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    Liked it, but...

    I recently ordered this orbit. & I liked it, but it broke the same day :( The string is also kind of cheap, it kept coming apart which was kind of annoying. Besides that, I liked the colors & shipping was pretty fast.

    Hugh Teets


    I saw this orbit a long time ago and instantly loved the colors. I was just waiting for it to go on sale so i could afford it. Well it finally did, and after my experience with only getting the free casing for an orbit, I decided to go all out and get the Photon Freedoms. The lights are almost blinding and look insane! There was only one flaw; the light that was supposed to be pink, was red. This may not seem like a big deal, but it changes how the orbit looks entirely. I would still rate it a 4.5 though on account of how awesome it still looks!



    If you're new to an orbit get this deal!



    well, then i'm definitely the one on the right. blairilnt, but missing several pieces that would nicely round out the package. heh. package.sorry. i just bombed a midterm. you're getting my post-completion stress reaction.Left by amy on October 6th, 2005



    iPlay CG uses the device's sound ennige so sometimes it may lock up for unknown reasons. Go into sound settings, slide the volume to maximum and flip all the switches off and back on. This will refresh the sound ennige immediately.



    Rating While this is generally cnosidered a children's book , Alice In Wonderland can only be fully appreciated by adults or teenagers. It contains so many private jokes, grammar puns, and other such stuff that a child would not understand it, really. I first read it when I was in first grade, a rather hard book really for first graders, and loved it incredibly. But rereading every year of my life since then (I am now fifteen) one finally can truly relish the great puns and imaginative ideas that Carroll (or Dodgson, his real name) placed within this extremely random book. Yes, there really isn't much of a single plot. It jumps from place to place. Just like a real dream. I don't understand why some people think that this is scary for little children though. C'mon, the Wizard of Oz and Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes (when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall- if little children aren't afraid of THAT, I don't what would scare them) is more frightening than this beautifully-crafted story. Note that the Queen of Hearts, though she has an insatiable urge to decapitate every person she sees, never really kills anyone- the Griffin says so. It's not frightening, rather, it's full of what little children like- randomness, smiling cats, violent-tempered queens, talking rabbits, and imaginary animals. If one is discovering this book for the first time, let it enchant you. If you are re-discovering this book, find in it the things you couldn't find before. If you are simply re-reading it for the fiftieth time (like me), then enjoy every single moment of it. It really is one of the best books I have read, right up there with- dare I say it- Colour Purple and Les Miserables. Yes, even Les Miserables.



    Rating So, what's a 47 year old doing reviewing a clasisc children's book? Well, it occurred to me as I was looking through the available books on my Kindle, that many of the free ones (yes I'm quite open to free as an option) that there were many books that I assumed I knew because I had seen movies, seen summarized in some other form or simply because they were cultural icons and everybody knows these books.Many I have indeed read and did read as I was younger. However, now with a Kindle and a commute, it seemed a perfect opportunity to address some of those elements lacking in my basic reading. It was in this spirit that I down loaded Alice's adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and read through it is a remarkably short period of time. Many of these free books on the Kindle, are in the public domain and have been available in text or PDF files for quite some time. A simple conversion in format is all that is required to make it available. The question I asked as I read the book, is does the experience of reading it in this format take away anything from the experience. Children's Literature in particular is often about more than just the words on a page. Of course there are often illustrations, the physical book itself takes on dimensions that are bigger than usual. This adds to the experience of a child reading the book by themselves but in particular it adds to the experience of a child being read to who can then sit in a lap or look as the book as presented and share in the experience by learning to read or reinforcing reading skills.So, for a aging kid who needs something to read to round out his cultural iconic missing links this worked just fine. However, for those seeking to have an experience with their kids in reading a clasisc piece of literature, I'd not recommend it in that venue.As to the story itself, there's little I can say. In some ways, it's like reading a familiar story but in others it's amazing how much can be lost or glossed over in the pop-cultural offerings that sprang from it. Reading this piece of clasisc literature gives you some insight not only into the time it came from, but also into the heart of childhood that is timeless and can be recaptured at least in part, if we'll pause and exercise our imagination.4 stars. Absolutely 5 stars as far as the story goes. Because this specifically addresses the Kindle edition, a drop of a star so that any considering reading this to their children from a kindle, consider what might be lost by not obtaining a more traditional copy complete with illustrations and the opportunity to share at a level one notch above what the Kindle offers in this context.Perhaps something like this Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Take some time and look for what will work best for you and your intended audience.bart breen



    let this awesome 4 light orbit take you down to wonderland. this alice and wonderland orbit uses a perfect combo of solids and strobes. you cant go wrong with this cheap orbit that is now held together with an orbite instead of zip ties wich ,akes it easier to change your lights/bulbs/batteries etc.



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