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  • 2g Metal Washer (1)

2g Metal Washer (1)


Product Description

Use these 2 gram washers as weights to help you spin your eLite Flow Levitation Wand. By adding these small weights to the ends of the wand, you increase its center of gravity and it becomes easier to keep the wand vertical when spinning. Keeping the wand vertical is integral to the illusion of levitation, so this should help!

Your Levitation Wand may have already come with 2 washers pre-installed. Check underneath the lights in the rubber end caps. 

To install:

  1. Unroll the rubber caps from the ends of the wand and pop them off.
  2. Push the microlight out of the cap.
  3. Place the washer on the under-side of the microlight casing (the non-button side)
  4. Slide the microlight back in and reattach the end caps.