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Gloving, Light Show Video Tutorials - EmazingLights.com

Tutorial Videos

Training your fingers to move smoothly and independently takes time and dedication, but with the help of these pros, you'll be wrecking faces in no time. Be patient with your progress and have fun along the way!

Beginner Finger Rolls Tutorial

Team [e] Blitzen & Team [e] Omnam - demonstrates the most basic of gloving moves, the finger roll!

Whips / Tunnels Tutorial

|RK| Panda & (AYO?) Stunna - demonstrated how the basics of whips are done and how you can incorporate them into your show!

Flails Tutorial

[PM] Fry and [PM] Cire - demonstrates how flails are done and how to use them to up your gloving game

King Tut Tutorial

King Tut Tutorial taught by [PM] Munch, learn how to incorporate king tutting into your show!

Basic Beginners Wave Tutting Tutorial

(Ayo?) Anti & (Ayo?) Stunna demonstrates the differences between tutting and wave tutting, and how you can understand them in gloving

Intermediate Finger Rolls Tutorial

Team [e] [LJ] Blitzen is back with even more Finger Roll concepts for you to try, with [PM] Cire throwing fire after

Beginner Gloving Liquid Tutorial

(Ayo?) Trippz shows you some basic liquiding moves and [GS] Talksaboutit demonstrates! And awesome demonstration show by Team [e] Blitzen!

Digits & Finger Connection Tutorial

(Ayo?) Mimik & [PM] Cire here to show you a couple of basic digiting techniques and a finger connection sequence.

Advanced Finger Rolls Tutorial

Team [e] Blitzen shows you how to really get down into rolling your fingers, and Team [e][PM] Cire & [SS] Gon-Ja show you how they look

Advanced Wave Tut Tutorial

Our Advanced Wave Tut Tutorial will guide you into the world of advanced wave tut concepts and techniques! Follow along as [SS] Gon-Ja and [PM] Munch break down the world of tracing, pivoting and hinging. Stick around to the end for a ridiculously clean and technical light show from [PM] Cosme!