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Top EmazingLights Videos

We hand picked a few of our top videos to display to you the emazing lifestyle of gloving & lightshows. Check out our YouTube page for more videos, these are just the ones that we liked the best :)

(Ayo?) Boo - Streets Alive Gloving Light Show

(Ayo?) Boo just won't quit. He comes at you with whips, liquid concepts and flow like you've never seen. He's won two BOSS competitions, one in 2011 and one in 2014 - yet you'd never guess it with his quiet, humble demeanor. We took him out to Downtown Pasadena to let him flow to the vibe of the blue-lit streets. Don't sleep on this legend.

eLite Chroma24 - What's New

We wanted to tell you guys all about the new Chroma24 chips, but Socks didn't think it would be cool to just sit and talk to a camera all day. Instead, we brought in some of the biggest names in gloving to give us their feedback. Mimik, Gambit, Rhapsode and Cypher got to be the first finger wigglers in the world to explore the all the new colors, click through the ChromaWheel color palette, and squint at the clear bulbs

Beginner Finger Rolls Tutorial

Team [e] Blitzen & Team [e] Omnam - demonstrates how finger rolls are done and how you can incorporate them into your show!

Mr.Dankhead + Crystals - Glove You Gloving Light Show

We've all been feeling a little frisky lately here at EmazingLights. 'Tis the season, after all! We found Mr. Dank Head getting in the Valentine's Day Spirit searching high and low for Cupid's arrow. The man has high standards, too - #GirlsWhoGlove only!