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EmazingLights Product Videos

Product Videos

eLite Element - Instructions

The eLite Element brings together the gloving community's most loved features and an all new realm of glove light technology. In this video, we explain how this thing is broken down. Once you have the Element in your hand, you'll see how simple the programming navigation is, and you'll love being able to tweak any feature of your light in 30 seconds or less.

eLite Chroma24 - What's New

We wanted to tell you guys all about the new Chroma24 chips, but Socks didn't think it would be cool to just sit and talk to a camera all day. Instead, we brought in some of the biggest names in gloving to give us their feedback. Mimik, Gambit, Rhapsode and Cypher got to be the first finger wigglers in the world to explore the all the new colors, click through the ChromaWheel color palette, and squint at the clear bulbs. Rhapsode even licked the things.

eLite Chroma24 - Light Show Performance

The eLite Chroma24 is about taking the most innovative and popular glove light of all time, and making it even better.

eLite Oracle Chip Overview - by (Ayo?) Sharky & [PM] Gummy

Here at EmazingLights, we pride ourselves in offering the most advanced, easiest to use and most durable glove lights available. The eLite Oracle was designed from the ground up to offer full customization of your color sets, modes and mode options without the headaches of programming overcomplicated chips!

eLite eNova Chip Overview - by [TNT] Fry & [SS] Abstrakt

The Emazing Team has reimagined one of the most popular OG microlights available and stuck it in a smaller, customizable and more powerful package! The eNova chip packs tons of features such as 20 customizable colors, 3 eNova specific modes (Ribbon/Solid, DOP, eBlink) and sports a unique Ultrabright clear LED bulb (sunglasses seriously recommended) - did we mention it fits in ALL eLite casings!

eLite 4.0 Casing

The eLite 4.0 Casing brings you the largest click area ever and a soft, tactile click. We kept the best features of the 3.0 and redesigned the top casing to make mode switches and programming a dream.

eZlite 3c Strobe Chip Overview - Light Show by (Ayo?) Mumbles

We asked our Glovers what they wanted in a microlight and their answer was simple: An easy to use, customizable and affordable chip. Featuring 20 customizable colors, 3 awesome modes (hyper strobe, strobe, dop) and an intuitive interface, the eZLite was built from the ground up to offer the power of our Matrix chips at a price point that is more accessible to every day glovers

eLite 3.0 Casing Overview by Socks

We went into the design process for our eLite 3.0 casings with three simple ideas in mind: 1. Glovers want casings to be comfortable, 2. Glovers want casings that do not slip, 3. Glovers want casings that are easy to click,. So we did it..

Orbite X - 2015 Product Information Video

Learn everything you need to know about the all new-and-improved Orbite X eLuminate Casing! Along with improving the build quality and construction, we added the all new eLuminate casing - a never-before-seen clear casing that adds translucent Performance Glow as you spin.

(Ayo?) Arcade - Cube & Shield Diffusers

Cube & Shield diffusers are a great way to break away from the normal rounded diffusers, and add a little but of unique flair to your shows!

EL Wire Masks by Snow Designs

Looking to add something 100% unique to your light shows? Check out these awesome custom designed masks from our friends at Snow Designs! Threaded individually by hand, Snow Designs' masks utilize our glowing EL Wire and look incredible in the dark.

eLite Flow Poi Ball

The All New eLite Flow Poi Set is perfect for poi spinners who love experimenting with colors and flashing patterns. Utilizing a built-in eLite Flow Chip, spinners can program up to 3 colors at once from a palette of 20 awesome colors

EL Wire 3 Modes

Our EL Wire not only comes in a variety of different colors, but also has 3 different modes. 1. Constant On, 2. Slow Blink, 3. Fast Blink. Great for your light shows, costumes, or even just decorating your room!