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This is Gloving

Gloving is a futuristic, underground art inspiring artists to create modern LED light shows with their hands.
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Gloving is Everywhere


how it Works


it’s Your Turn

All great glove light shows are based around a handful of key movements.
Let's start you off with one of the easiest and most fun foundations to learn, stacking.
Learn Finger Rolls, Finger Tutting, Liquid and More

Join The Community

The light show community spans across the globe inspiring artists young and old to express themselves
in new ways. These 3 programs bring glovers together to create community, competition and celebration.
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Get Your Gloves

Electro Brand
arrow COMFORTABLE, DURABLE, EASY TO USE arrow for ready to glove READY TO GLOVE IN 1 CLICK arrow for makes gloving simple MAKES GLOVING SIMPLE

Why we Glove

  • "I love every aspect behind it. The flow art, the technology, the community. It's more than a hobby, it's a way of life."

    Chris Kirk
    • Chris Kirk "Glitch"
    • 23, Miss.
  • "It's amazing to see someone start from the ground up, and turn into a straight beast."

    Kevin Cablay
    • Kevin Cablay "Puppet"
    • 22, Hawaii
  • "I love making people smile. If I can make you smile, then I did my job."

    Mary Spohn
    • Mary Spohn "Blitzen"
    • California
  • "The competitive motivation is real. Hard work and determination will take you far in this scene."

    Marc Jeon
    • Marc Jeon 16 "Slayer"
    • IGC Champion 2015
  • "I was never cool, gloving made me feel like I had a purpose."

    Austin Hardel
    • Austin Hardel "Stanks"
    • 21, Minn.

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