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Sponsorship Program

EmazingLights sponsors

About Our Sponsorship Program

We sponsor light show artists to positively & responsibly represent our brand and its products to the world, all while having opportunities to exclusive perks that make the experience highly prestigious. Most importantly, you’re joining a family of like-minded individuals who are extremely dedicated, passionate, talented about representing gloving in a positive light.

Program Overview

The program admits not only those who have met a high standard of skill within their art, but have also proven to be an influential figure, and have been trusted and screened by us to represent the EmazingLights brand and family.

Why Is The Program Special?

Getting into the program is no easy task, but the benefits and opportunities provided by the program are exclusive only to those who are in the program, and make it worthwhile.

Meet Our Current Sponsors

  • Blitzen

    Mary Spohn Los Angeles, CA

    Fun Fact: Paved a way for female glovers and is a recipient of the Golden Glove Award!

    Facebook Instagram
    Gloving Since 2008 | View Light Show
  • Gluvson

    Hudson Joiner Austin, TX

    Fun Fact: I picked up gloving at my first rave before I had ever seen anyone glove before. I inspired my own journey.

    Facebook Instagram
    Gloving Since 2012 | View Light Show
  • Jest

    Joshua Pilla Marine, MN

    Fun Fact: I am the Jester of Gesture & author of the first-ever Gloving handbook

    Facebook Instagram
    Gloving Since 2012 | View Light Show
  • Krusty

    Cristian Duran San Diego, CA

    Fun Fact: I know how to make sushi and love cooking as well.

    Facebook Instagram
    Gloving Since 2011 | View Light Show
  • Lykaios

    Cristina Moskewicz N. Hollywood, CA

    Fun Fact: I’m obsessed with wolves! My glover name actually translates to wolf from Ancient Greek. Pronounced (Leh-kye-ohs).

    Facebook Instagram
    Gloving Since 2016 | View Light Show
  • Starlight

    Sari Isaak Thornton, CO

    Fun Fact: Colorado GGN Community Leader, Last Light Benders [LLB] Founder and Captain, Facemelt Crew Captain, professional reptile enthusiast

    Facebook Instagram
    Gloving Since 2013 | View Light Show
  • Trump

    Andrew Trump Thornton, CO

    Fun Fact: I used to be a sponsored amateur skater.

    Facebook Instagram
    Gloving Since 2016 | View Light Show

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