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Glove Types

The type of glove you use determines the way your ligth shines through during your shows and your overall comfort level.

White Magic Stretch

EmazingLights Magic Stretch Gloves

These gloves are included with every glove set and are the standard for glovers. With maximum stretchability, the gloves allow your fingers and hands to move freely, providing optimal flexibility. The white material illuminates your hands and reflects more of the light, allowing your moves to become easier to see.

Blackout Magic Stretch

EmazingLights Black Magic Stretch Gloves

The Black Magic Stretch gloves, like their white counterparts, are made from cotton, but create an entirely different effect that hides the glover’s finger movement. Less technical glovers will enjoy the black-out effect, and the gloves come in handy when trying to hide fingers and lights for the purpose of illusion.

Slim Gloves

EmazingLights Slim Gloves

The slim glove is the thinnest glove we offer. Designed to illuminate the LED’s at an optimal level, these gloves are thinner, which allows the maximum amount of light to shine during your shows. The thin material also provides a little more flexibility and finger dexterity for glovers. These gloves make your hands look silky sleek.


EmazingLights Fuzzy Gloves

Fuzzy Gloves are much thicker than the Magic Stretch Gloves and their “fuzzy” nature makes them a fun novelty for many. They are best suited for glovers with small hands.

Type: Emazing Magic Stretch - White Emazing Magic Stretch - Blackout Slim Gloves Fuzzy Gloves
Thickness: Medium Thickness Medium Thickness Thinnest Thickest
Visibility: Full Hand is visible Only Fingertips are visible Full Hand is visible Full Hand visible
Special Characteristic: Most comfortable gloves we sell. Fits all varieties of hands and produces a vibrant glow. Provide a unique effect by only lighting up the finger tips. These gloves will make the lights appear to be floating in midair. Brightest gloves we sell. Thinner material also makes the glover’s fingers look thinner. Material in this glove will actually carry the light through more than the fingertip. The glow from these gloves will actually act as a second diffuser.
Demonstration Video: Waxy - Top Shelf Glove Light Show Buddah VS Mumbles Finals BOSS Feb 2013 Ice Kream Teddy - Nuclear Fade Glove Light Show Blitzen - Fuzzy Sunset Glove Light Show


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