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Diffusers are a small, but essential addition to your microlight accessory collection. Originally created to add a unique shape to each light and prevent the LED bulbs from poking holes through the gloves, most glovers are reluctant to throw a show without diffusers. Diffusers come in several different shapes, sizes and even colors that all modify your glove light trails in different ways.

Diffuser Shapes

emazinglights light diffuser shapes


DomeDome diffusers magnify the LED’s to look like mini gumballs on your fingers. The swollen effect is a glover’s favorite, and the trails created by the Dome Diffusers will produce a large scale version of your normal light show and make your trails more circular. These are by far the most popular diffuser style.

PopcornPopcorn Diffusers direct the light into 6 dome-shaped chambers, giving your diffuser a “popcorn” shape while also creating a 3D trail. The colors are dispersed throughout the diffuser, which allows the LED to employ a shimmering Disco Ball effect. The bottom two heads of the diffuser will rest securely on the tip of the finger, roughly the same size as Domes.

CubeCube Diffusers create a square filled trail and look a bit like building blocks. Perfect for glovers who love to use “dialing” in their shows and other small, technical moves to give your show a Tetris-like block feel. At first, cubes may feel clunky as they are one of the largest diffusers, but with practice, the transition becomes seamless. 

Shield - Shield Diffusers allow the light to be seen from all angles of your finger during lights shows because it wraps around the pad of your finger. Since they are 3 times bigger than standard diffusers, making it our largest one, the light is directed in more directions, which creates a larger trail than any other diffuser. The Shield Diffuser also features a soft gel space to a more comfortable ergonomic fit despite its size. 

Standard Diffusers - These come in 3 variations: Open, Closed and Premium. You will receive one of these diffusers pre-installed on every glove set purchase. These are our smallest diffusers which provide a basic, minimal amount of diffusion to improve the presentation of the LED. We recommend upgrading to one of the above options for a more unique show!


Clear - Clear diffusers are the most common diffuser and produce slightly brighter trails. The uninhibited light adds a crystal-like element to your glove set.

Color - Colored Diffusers change the hue of your trails. The change in color is determined by the programmed colors of the LED and the speed of the glover’s movement.

See all of our LED diffuser options here.

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