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Choosing A Glove Set


  1. Battery Life:All of our premium chips have a 8-15 hour battery life depending on the colors and patterns you select.
  2. Easy to Click: All eLite Glove Lights operate using a single built-in button. Premium Glove Lights can be programmed by a combination of clicking and holding the button.
  3. Versatility: All eLite Glove Lights have the same circular design, but each chip offers different functions and mode capabilities to let you express yourself in an infinite number of ways.


These lights all have the unique ability to be customized using simple 1-button programming. Premium Glove Lights are equipped with the most advanced, intuitive light show technology and have become the standard for all serious glovers. Each of these lights offer unique capabilities for different kinds of glovers.

If you like charts and numbers instead of words, you can check out our Compare page to see how these lights stack up.

ezLite 2.0 

ezlite led glove set

The #1 Recommended Light for Beginners - The ezLite 2.0 is great for beginners as it’s easy to use and you can buy it at a low price point. The ezLite features simple on/off functionality and can be programmed with one of our three popular modes: Strobe, Hyper Strobe, and Dops. Choose up to 3 colors from 20 to program into your light.


Chroma CTRL

chroma ctrl led glove set

The Chroma CTRL allows you to choose from a range of 30 different colors and 11 flashing patterns to program across 5 modes. The CTRL is all about user customization, so like the Element, you can rearrange mode order, choose 7 colors per mode and customize your Flashing Pattern on each mode. You can also customize the brightness of each color with Tint Control. This light is also for advanced users.

Element V2

Elite element V2

The Element V2 is the most advanced chip on the market. It has 6 available modes, 12 flash pattern options, and a 31 color palette. But what really sets it apart is an accelerometer that makes the light react to your movements by changing colors and patterns as you move. It does this in 3 unique ways that measure your speed and angle. The Element also offers a “live preview” so you can see the colors you’re programming before finalizing them. It also has custom mode ordering so you can move any mode to any spot on the light. The Element is our most advanced light and is recommended only for experienced users.

Elite Flow V2

Flow Chip V2

The Flow chips are designed for flow artists first. However, glovers can use this chip in a glove set like any other. Unique to this light is a Demo Timer that automatically transitions between its modes every 8 seconds, no clicking needed. This can also be disabled. Glovers can choose up to 3 colors on a 20 color palette.


The eLite 1-Mode works using removable LED Bulbs, featuring a simple on/off switch activated by a push button. The 1-Mode is the perfect chip for beginner glovers on a budget. Advanced users can customize their glove sets by changing out the bulb on the light, a practice popular with older glovers and collectors of rare bulbs.

Because of this, we carry LED Bulbs on our site which can dictate the appearance of a 1-Mode glove set. Here’s a breakdown:

Strobe LEDs 1c - “One Color”

Strobe LED Glove Lights

The 1c bulb repeats the chosen color in a line. When in motion, these LEDs will paint a gapped “strobe” rectangular trail of the bulb’s color.

2c - “Two-Color”

two color LED glove lights

The 2c bulb produces a two color trail. When used to make trails, there will be a small gap between the 1st and 2nd color. Following the 2nd color, there will be a larger gap.

3c - “Three Color”

three color LED glove lights

This displays a trail with 3 colors separated evenly. The pattern is repetitive, structured just like the 2c strobe.

Hyper Strobe LEDs

Hyper Strobe LED Glove Light

The Hyper Strobe LED creates a much larger and brighter trail and is separated by larger gaps, creating an intense flash while the light is still. Hyper Strobe LED’s are best used for thumbs and pinkies and come in 3 color patterns.

Ribbon LEDs

Ribbon LED Glove Light

The Ribbon LED creates a solid, evenly separated trail with no gaps. The bulbs are available in 3 color and 7 color patterns, which are most often seen on middle and ring fingers to exaggerate liquid and flow.

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