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What are casings?

Casings are the plastic protective casings around your eLite Glove Lights. Our eLite Casings have two parts: a top and bottom. Together, these two parts act as a housing for your chip and batteries with small a hole in the back for easy access to the chip. The underside is made of thermoplastic rubber, designed to add comfort and prevent the casing from sliding off your fingers during a light show. Our casings are easy to click, allowing the glover to change modes with ease.

eLite 4.0 Casing

The 4.0 is the fourth iteration of our casing series over the last 5 years, by far the most advanced casing on the market. Like all eLite casings in the past, it has the perfect small size so it doesn’t obstruct intricate finger movements, and its circular shape gives it the most ergonomic fit for your fingertips. It also has a huge button clicking radius, quiet yet tactile clicks, mix and match compatibility with colors and older generations, and easy open-and-close for fast battery changes.

Casing Types:

Clear Casings Clear casings are the standard casings that ship with every glove set. They are also the brightest type of casing since the transparency allows light to shine through the entire body of the casings, front and back.

clear glove light casings

Colored Casings   Colored Casings are built for slow, intricate gloving moves, which allow the casing’s color to govern the hue surrounding your light trail. When used for fast maneuvers, the trail retains its normal color, but the outline of the colored casing often shines through your gloves. These effects are often subtle, but when used correctly, they can really have an impact on your show’s look.

Colored casings are best suited for glovers with long fingers or glovers who want to add a bit of a customized flair to their shows. They can also be mix and matched with other colors including clear and black to create unique effects on your light trails. 

Blue Glove Light Casings

Black Casings   Black casings hide a significant portion of the light, covering the entire chip except for the bulb and diffuser. When using Black Casings, we recommend that you use large diffusers for presentational purposes, and for glovers with small hands, this tactic will make their fingers appear longer (see “Diffusers” for more). Black casings are also common among glovers who have a technical styles that uses lots of small, intricate digits and dials.

Black Glove Light Casings

You can choose from any of these variations here.

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