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How to Change Your Batteries

CR 1620 batteries

The most important thing you’ll probably need to know about batteries is how to change them. You can tell if your batteries are dead or getting low if your lights start to seem very dim or won’t turn on.

If they won’t turn on, first make sure they’re not eLocked. Click and hold the button for a full 3 seconds and see if they flash red to check. Most of our Premium Glove Lights offer eLock Protection, which allows you to lock your lights so they don’t turn on and drain battery in your pockets or bags.

Changing your glove set’s batteries:

  1. Set your glove lights and fresh 1620 batteries in front of you.
  2. Remove your glove lights from their eLite Casings by opening the casings from the gap in the back. Move the two halves of the casing apart until it opens.
  3. Take the glove lights out of the casing, then carefully slide the dead batteries out by pushing them from one side of the chip until they fall out.
  4. Take your 2 fresh coin cell batteries and stack them so they are both facing up (the flat side with words on it facing you). Slide them both carefully into your light, one at a time if needed. The battery arm is pretty strong and flexible so you can put pressure on it, but be careful, they’re not indestructible. Repeat
  5. Place the glove light with fresh batteries back in the casing, click it shut, and you’re done. Click to see that it turns on. You should now have a functioning Glove Light at full charge. Repeat steps 3-5 for each glove light.

We also carry 2 types of traditional batteries and one rechargeable battery on our site:

  • 1620 - The most common battery, compatible with all eLite chips. This is the most common glove light battery used and probably the one you’ll be wanting to buy. When placing these batteries into your eLite, they will be a snug fit since they are slightly thicker than 1616s.

  • eCharge

    The first ever rechargeable microlight battery, the eCharge, is a “power pack” that you wear in your glove that attaches to all your individual microlights and keeps them powered instead of using batteries. Perfect for practicing at home, saving money on batteries, and experimenting with new color combos.

    Basic Tips For Batteries:

    • Replace all used batteries at the same time.
    • Keep batteries in original package until ready to use. Carrying batteries ANYWHERE outside of packaging or inserted into light will drain them of all power. Even touching two batteries together will begin to drain them.
    • Caution: Keep away from Children. If Swallowed, consult a physician immediately For information call 202-625-3333 collect. May explode or leak and cause burn injury if recharged, disposed of in fire, mixed with different battery type, inserted backwards or disassembled.
    CR1616 CR1620 CR2016
    Primarily used for eDot Glove Lights Best batteries for eLite Glove Lights Best for larger Glove Lights like Inovas
    Voltage 3 volts 3 volts 3 volts
    Capacity 50 mAh 70 mAh 90 mAh
    Dimensions d. x h. 16 x 1.6mm 16 x 2.0mm 20 x 1.6mm
    eDot +
    eLite 1 mode + +
    eLite 4 mode + +
    eLite PRO (24 Mode) + +
    eLite Matrix + +
    eLite Trinity + +
    eLite ezLite + +
    eLite Oracle + +
    eLite Chroma + +
    eLite FLOW chip + +
    Dotz +
    Photon Freedom +
    Inova +


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