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Selecting A Glove Set

We break down every piece of the Glove Set and all the options that come with it so you know exactly what you're getting when you buy your first set. Because knowledge is power!


choosing a LED glove set

Choosing your first glove set is a big step in your gloving career. You'll have lots of options and things to consider before making your purchase. This section will cover all the different types of glove sets you can choose from, all the different accessories and parts, and why they're important so you know what to get. To find out more about any of these sections, click the navigation on the left (or at the top on mobile).

Premium LED Glove Sets - Our Premium LED Glove Sets let you get creative and customize the way the light flashes. You can select your own colors, flashing patterns and tints at will, all with the click of a button. These glove sets have become the standard for all serious glovers and they are at the forefront of light show technology.

Premium light glove sets allow you to switch between multiple “modes.” These modes allow you to save multiple light customizations in a sequence so that you can switch between them and give your light shows a bit more personality.

You can compare any of Emazing's glove sets together to see what the perfect set is for you with this chart -

Light Show Glove Set Comparison Chart

All of our glove sets come complete with everything you need to start gloving out of the box.

Choosing Your Glove Lights ->


Glove Lights

Casings hold your chip and batteries together so they fit comfortably inside your gloves. All of our casings are universally compatible with any of our Premium eLite Glove Lights. They feature an easy-to-click button, a hard exterior for durability, and a soft rubber underside for comfort. You can even pick up different colored casings to add a filter or tint to your lights.



Glove Light Casings

Coin cell Batteries power all microlights used in gloving. Each light takes 2 coin cell batteries to power, so 20 coin cell batteries power a full glove set. Batteries last variable amounts of time depending on the light and the complexity of the modes you’re using, ranging 8-15 hours.There are 3 types of coin cell batteries we carry and one rechargeable battery accessory:

  • CR1620 Batteries -The best and most commonly used coin cell battery. Compatible with all eLite glove lights.

Batteries ->


Glove Light Diffusers

A Diffuser is a small plastic cap that attaches to the exposed bulb of your eLite. Diffusers magnify your light trails and keep your bulbs from poking holes in your gloves. Our diffusers come in 7 light altering colors and 4 pattern drawing shapes.

Diffusers ->


emazinglights replacement gloves

Gloves hold the lights to your fingers, and based on the kind you choose, they will alter the visual effect of the show. Glovers account for texture and sizing when choosing gloves. We carry White Magic Stretch, Black Magic Stretch, Slim and Fuzzy glove types. White Magic Stretch are the most common, but the other types have different advantages, too.

Glove Types ->

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