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Those flashing gloves you saw at your last music festival are lighting up the industry in a big way. They’re calling it "gloving." If you haven't seen these gloves before, maybe you heard that they received one of the largest ever Shark Tank investments in March '15. Through extensive development in gloving's community, sport, and technology, EmazingLights is ushering the movement from subculture to pop culture, one hand at a time.

What is Gloving?

LED gloves flash colors and light patterns to bring your fingers to life. You wear them for fun, for dance, and to create awesome streaks of light. Glovers use intricate finger techniques to create masterful illusions and patterns, mesmerizing their up-close audience.

How did Gloving begin?

Gloving first appeared in the mid-2000s at Southern California raves. One of the earliest gloving videos goes back to 2006 with one of the art's grandfathers, Hermes. From there, glovers gained popularity by posting festival performances and tutorials on YouTube. Two of the most well-known, historic figures in gloving are Gummy and Skittles, who each have over 3 million views on their videos.

Why is Gloving growing so quickly?

When you see it, you get it. There's nothing like experiencing a personal light show from a master glover. It's mindblowing, and it's contagious!

Gloving grows organically through massive social networks in the Electronic Dance Music community. Glovers form teams and seek sponsorships to promote themselves alongside the art form. They meet up regularly with their local gloving communities to trade light shows with each other. They also compete in EmazingLights' nationally syndicated BOSS competition circuit, leading up to the annual International Gloving Championship in Southern California.

How do I get started?

Check out our most advanced Light Glove Sets or the eLite ezLite for the best beginner glove set.

Watch some tutorials to learn the basics. Spend some time on those finger rolls!

Check out our professionally filmed featured gloving videos on YouTube.

Where can I find other glovers?

The Glovers Lounge on Facebook is the largest group of glovers online, with over 15,000 glovers from all over the world talking and posting light shows every day. You can also find smaller, regional Facebook groups like Midwest Gloving, Northern Lights, Frozen Face Melters, Portland's Lights All Night, Girls Who Glove, GL Europe, Norcal Lights, Texas Glovers and more.

You can also visit EmazingLights retail stores in select cities throughout the nation.

Attend a BOSS Gloving Competition, coming to a city near you.

Come out to the International Gloving Championship in Southern California to see the best glovers in the world square off head-to-head. It's the perfect place to meet other glovers and fans.

Find the Facemelt Crew at the biggest music festivals around the nation. These are some of the most talented and respected glovers in the scene, spreading light shows one face at a time.

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