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1.2 Where to Orbit

group of flow artists at flow jams, meet-ups, and festivals

The orbit is the ultimate festival companion, as it can be shared among friends throughout the night. Due to a common love for prop manipulation, orbiters are widely accepted by other Flow Artists and can often be found at flow jams, meet-ups, and festivals. The orbit can be disguised as a necklace or pendant, so it can travel to all types of events with you. Here are some of the most common places to orbit:


Almost every orbiters spends time practicing at home. Whether in the kitchen or the bed room, orbiters are constantly playing with their light toy. Time dedicated to practice and improvement is called "labbing", but orbiting does not always require such intense focus. Level ups can occur during casual flow, and at least you can develop some muscle memory along the way.

School or Work

Nothing passes the time like flowing with your orbit. Orbiting in public, while unnatural at first, teaches you how to perform in front of audiences and become less self conscious in competition or at festivals. The key to prop manipulation is understanding the prop. Logging long hours with the orbit builds a strong bond between artist and prop.

Parks and Nature

The single most fufilling feeling in orbiting is flowing in nature. Similar to Tai Chi or meditation, orbiting requires you to live in the present and enjoy the moment. Its easy to fall in love with the sensation of the wind and sun on your shoulders as you pull for tension on your orbit. If the view is spectacular, shoot a video and record the moment!

Flow Jams and FNL's

Many orbiters wish they had an opportunity to learn and flow with other light show artists. By watching other performance artists and orbiters, you learn the fine details of throwing a light show and the inside secrets on how to expand on concepts. There is no substitute for seeing someone do a move in person. 


This is where most orbiters were first introduced to lights. Festivals are an excellent place to express the self and go wild out if you are an orbiter. All of the hours spent practicing at home, work, or the park can be unleashed at festivals because so many people are open to light shows. Many level ups occur at festivals because orbiters throw more light shows than they normally do. They also gain confidence from continually melting face for 3 days straight.

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Written By: Sean (Ninja)
Last Updated 9/18/2016


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