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LED spinning orbit light

Welcome to the Learn Orbiting Center, the most extensive online resource out there for learning everything you need to know about orbiting. Constantly being updated and contributed to by the world’s most knowledgeable orbiters, this is your first and best resource for learning what you need to jump into the world of orbiting.

What Is Orbiting?

Orbiting is a performance based dance movement that involves the prop manipulation of an LED Flow Toy around the body. An orbit is an object that floats with the support of two strings that wrap around the hands, and the shapes that you create are a reflection of your body movement, the tension created between the two strings, and the orbit’s rotation around your various body parts.

For many flow artists, orbiting is their form of meditation. Orbiters come in many different shapes and sizes, making each orbit light show unique to the performer’s movement patterns, body type, and rhythm. Light shows created by the orbit can be large enough to entertain large groups, but the ability to climb up and down the strings allows orbiters to also create smaller, more individual light shows, which are similar to gloving. Whether entertaining a single passerby or an entire group, the orbit is the coolest party trick around.

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Written By: Sean (Ninja)
Last Updated 9/18/2016