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5.2 The Grid (Advanced Tension Control)

There are many ways to use the tension on your orbit, but to fully master this aspect of orbiting, you must be comfortable maintaining the orbit's spin. The grid is an advanced tension concept that can be thought of as the workable area where you can pivot your orbit. The orbit can spin and pivot onto any plane or axis within the space, but most orbiters go for symmetrical, box type grids similar to tutting for glovers, although you can move the orbit diagonally as well. The size of this grid is dependent on your string length and tension control.

The Move [How to]:

Where You've Seen This:

led light up orbit the grid advanced tension control technique tutorialled light up orbit the grid technique tutorial

Why You Need to Know It:

Tension makes orbiting unique to any other flow art. Many moves such as pivots, stalls, and isolations rely on an orbiter's ability to control tension.

Who Uses It:

Allazo, Puddles, Observer, Orion, Tracer, Tokken


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Written By: Sean (Ninja)
Last Updated 9/18/2016


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