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4.3 Squish Wraps

Squish Wraps are a technique that allows the orbiter to wrap in a compact grid like manner and use the inner angles of his forearms to pass the orbit from one hand to another. Once you’ve mastered wraps on the outside of your arms, try bouncing the orbit arm to arm, using the insides of your arms. Let the orbit flow as it bounces over and under your arms. Remember not to force the contact between the orbit and your body. The orbit will automatically bounce back during wraps if the orbit lands squarely on your arm. 

The Move [How to]:

Where You've Seen This:

 led light up orbit squish wraps technique tutorial

Why You Need to Know It:

Squish Wraps give orbiters a variation of wraps to choose from. Different types of wraps can be combined into a wrap sequence, which forces the audience's eyes to chase the orbit. 

Who Uses It:

Allazo, Laukai, Tracer, Orion, 

Variations: Inverted Squish Wrap, Underarm Wrap, Wrap Sequence

Click Here for 4.4 "Cradles" ->


Written By: Sean (Ninja)
Last Updated 9/18/2016


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