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4.2 Pivots & Isolations

Pivoting involves the turning or rotating of one arm around another stationary arm that acts as the “pivot”. One arm must remain still as the other arm rotates around the axis creating the pivot motion. The move is even more impressive when executed with tension throughout the pivot.

An isolation is very similar to a pivot.  The main difference is instead of one hand staying stationary, the orbit stays in one place and both hands revolve around the orbit in a figure 8 motion.

The Move [How to]:

Where You've Seen This:

led light up orbit pivots and isolations technique tutorialled light up orbit pivots and isolations technique tutorial

Why You Need to Know It:

Pivots and Isolations are one of the best indicators of a good orbiter. Very few people have fully mastered tension well enough to perform complex Pivots and Isolations, but the moves allow orbiters to give up close and personal light shows like glovers.

Who Uses It:

Puddles, Observer, Orion, Tokken, Allazo

Variations: The Grid 

Click Here for 4.3 "Squish Wraps" ->


Written By: Sean (Ninja)
Last Updated 9/18/2016


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