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2.1 Picking A Casing

emazinglights zero orbit clear casing

Choosing your first orbit is like selecting your first Pokemon. Which one do you want to start with? The physics behind all orbits is for the most part, the same; so the shape of the casing you choose depends on your own personal preference. The casing impacts both the shape & size of the orbit’s trails. Orbits are highly customizable, Eventually, you will build your orbit to match your style, and the customization of each prop is what makes the community beautiful.

Zero Orbit


The latest orbit to hit the market, the Zero took the X3's inverted chip capabilities and made them fully multi-directional. Now you can place the chip facing outside, inside, and sideways, which diffuses the entire orbit and creates never before seen shapes and trails. The casing is a round shape that prevents the orbit from snagging and allows for a more aerodynamic spin. The Zero casing is injection molded and built to take a beating, making it a durable high performance orbit.


emzinglights orbite x3 clear casing

The evolved form of the Orbite X2 and Photon freedom orbit, the X3 is versatile and has its own set of unique shapes and trails. The chips are able to face towards the inside of the casing, which illuminates the entire orbit and creates an X shape trail when used on low tint modes. The X3 allows orbiters to draw shapes with ease, especially when flash patterns like Chroma, Tracer, and Ultra dops are applied.

Other Casings:

There is currently no better time for orbiters in terms of casing selection. Orbits can be made from LED Flashlights all the way up to 3D printed art, and the size, shape, and  functionality of the orbit determines what kind of trails the orbit creates. Slimmer disc designs have been created for a more aerodynamic spin, while other have star cut outs for a cartoon like glow and trail.

Click Here for 2.2 "Chips & LED's" ->


Written By: Sean (Ninja)
Last Updated 9/18/2016


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