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4.0 Intermediate Tutorials

Now we get into the moves that truly make you look special at the festivals. Mastery of the intermediate moves and concepts are signs of a true orbiter.

Figure 8

An orbiter's best friend, the Figure 8 is a core concept of nearly all flow arts. Like a circle, the Figure 8 and is always round and continuous, which makes for clean transitions between moves. 

led light up orbit figure 8 technique tutorial

Figure 8 ->

Pivots and Isolations

Pivots and Isolations require an extreme amount of control. If done correctly, they can be an orbiter's most lethal move, particularly when up close and personal.

led light up orbit pivots and isolations technique tutorial

Pivots and Isolations->

Squish Wraps

Wraps can get addicting, so why not change it up a little? Squish wraps are the same concept but create a smaller shape and inverted direction for breaks in rhythm.

led light up orbit squish wraps technique tutorial

Squish Wraps ->


Being able to slide your hands up and down the string allows orbiters to create small light shows like glovers. Cradling is operating with super short string.

led light up orbit cradling technique tutorial


Click Here for 4.1 "Figure 8's" ->


Written By: Sean (Ninja)
Last Updated 9/18/2016


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