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2.3 Handles & String

Emazinglights orbit ring handles

Ring Handles

Ring handles are included with each EmazingLights orbit purchase. The O-shape allows the orbiter to place his or her fingers inside of the key ring, which creates more torque and power when spinning the orbit and maintaining tension. With a firmer grip on the string, orbiters have better control of the object.

LED Handles

Recently, orbiters have started to insert or attach microlights to their handles. Currently, there is not a comprehensive LED handle on the market, so the addition of lights is pure customization and part of the fun! There are many modifications including inserts, glove casings, and iNova casings that create a wide variety of effects when teamed with the right flash patterns. Handles with lights add a different dimension to your light show. The orbit appears to be framed between the two handle, and the extra weight created by the handle and LED allows for more complex moves such as tosses and atoms. LED Handles are generally used by advanced orbiters, who can control the extra lights and understand the variety of shapes they can create.

emazinglights satin string for orbital light toys

String Breakdown

2 mm string is the most commonly used satin string for orbiters, but 1.5 mm and 3mm strings are also available. The circumference of the string is the most important aspect of selecting your string, as thinner string wraps around itself more times than thicker string, which helps maintain tension and precision. Most orbiters prefer to use 1 mm string, but the thicker string adds a more whip like effect to the orbit. For an even more bouncy effect and feeling, orbiters occasionally use shoelaces for strings. Shoelaces do not damage an orbiter’s hands as much as the thinner strings, but maintaining tension is slightly more difficult.


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Written By: Sean (Ninja)
Last Updated 9/18/2016


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