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1.1. Orbit Glossary

led orbital light toy light trails

Orbiter- A person who orbits.

Flow Jam- A meetup of orbiters and other flow artists.

Casing- The housing for the LED Chips in the orbit.

String- The 2 ropes threaded through the holes on the orbit. They will wrap around themselves using the momentum of the orbit, creating tension.

Handles- 2 symmetrical objects that are tied to the strings. Handles can light up or not.

Tension- The product of the orbit spinning on the string. Created by swinging the orbit and pulling. 

Shapes- The patterns made by the lights. Created by consistently swinging the orbit in the same circle and adjusting swing length.

Wraps- Any time the orbit is purposefully bounced off of the body. All parts of the body are fair game.

Figure 8's- A concept used in all flow arts. Figure eights look like an infinity sign and make smooth transitions.

Stalls- When the orbit is intentionally stopped on a body part.

Body Work and Tracers- When the orbiters uses his body to hide the orbit.

Transitions- The act of changing from one move or concept to another.

Short String- When an orbiter wraps his hands closer to the orbit on the string, creating smaller moves.

Power Moves- Moves like wraps, figure 8's, flares that are larger that can exhibit the force exerted by the orbiter. 


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Written By: Sean (Ninja)
Last Updated 9/18/2016


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