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3.2 Shape Drawing

Shape Drawing is the the most simple way of impressing an audience with an orbit. By spinning the orbit and maintaining the same spin, the shapes created by the LED’s will morph like a star in a circular fashion. By pulling the strings, orbiters can also create flowers and stars depending on the direction of the spin. A variety of shapes can be created from the orbit's anti-spin or recoil that one experiences when pulling for tension. Because there are a wide variety of casings, the shapes an orbit can create are becoming endless. 

The Move [How to]:

 Where You've Seen This:

led orbit light trail shapes

Why You Need to Know It:

Shape Drawing is a lost aspect of orbiting used mostly by old school orbiters. The importance of being able to spin the orbit and control its momentum is often understated. Shapes are also the easiest trick for beginners to learn.

Who Uses It:

Elockz, Comet, Puddles

Variations: Stars, Petals, Triquetras

Click Here for 3.3 "Basic Wraps" ->


Written By: Sean (Ninja)
Last Updated 9/18/2016


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