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2.2 Chips and LED's

*the 1620 is the standard for essentially all orbits available on the market today. In the past, orbiters have used smaller 1616 batteries for old school models like Photon Freedoms.

Flow V2

flow chip led glove set

Flow chips are designed for flow artists, and they are included with each EmazingLights orbit setup. Unique to this light is a Demo Timer that automatically transitions between its modes every 8 seconds, creating many different shapes over the span of a single light show. Orbiters can choose up to 3 colors on a 20 color palette. Each bulb is frosted, which produces a larger, more cartoonish effect.


Chroma CTRL

chroma ctrl glove set

The Chroma CTRL is the most widely used chip amongst expert orbiters. The chips allow you to choose from a range of 30 different colors and 11 flashing patterns to program across 5 modes. The CTRL is all about user customization, so like the Element, you can rearrange mode order, choose 7 colors per mode and customize your Flashing Pattern on each mode. You can also customize the brightness of each color with Tint Control. The chip can also be locked, which means you can store your orbit without wasting batteries.

Element V2

elite element v2 led glove set

The Element V2 is the most advanced chip on the market. It has 6 available modes, 12 flash pattern options, and a 31 color palette. But what really sets it apart is an accelerometer that makes the light react to your movements by changing colors and patterns as you move. It does this in 3 unique ways that measure your speed and angle. The Element also offers a “live preview” so you can see the colors you’re programming before finalizing them. It also has custom mode ordering so you can move any mode to any spot on the light. The Element is our most advanced light and is recommended only for experienced users.

Cilck Here for 2.3 "Handles & String" ->


Written By: Sean (Ninja)
Last Updated 9/18/2016


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