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5.3 Advanced Wraps

As you gain a stronger understanding for wraps, your body becomes comfortable with bouncing the orbit off of any part of your body. Orbiters can wrap on their legs, shoulders, and abdomen. Each body part has inside and outside. Orbiters who have mastered wraps can use both inside and outside equally. To create a sword like effect, place both strings into one hand to perform one handed wraps.

The Move [How to]:

Where You've Seen This:

LED Orbit Wraps at nightLED Orbit Wraps in daylight

Why You Need to Know It:

Wraps and the transitions between them take your light show from impressive to mind blowing. The idea of seeing wraps is already unnatural for the audience, so varying the move even further creates a more intense optical illusion. 

Who Uses It:

Allazo, Mallo, Orion, Enos, Glovebug, Stone

Variations: One hand wraps, Z wraps, Double Bounce Wraps


5.4 "Tosses & Flares" ->


Written By: Sean (Ninja)
Last Updated 9/18/2016


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