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5.0 Advanced Tutorials

The most difficult moves in the book. The advanced moves are still being expanded upon every single day. Within the guidelines of each concept are a number of variations to perfect. This is where orbiting really gets fun.

Body Work and Tracers

An optical illusion that hides the orbit in different parts of the body, Body Work and Tracers are used by masters of fine details.

LED orbitting body work moves

Body Work and Tracers ->

The Grid and Advanced Tension

The advanced display of control, the grid combines aspects of tension, pivots, and isolations. The better the tensions control, the more complex the grid.

Grid and Advanced Tension orbitting

The Grid and Advanced Tension ->

Advanced Wraps

You can wrap the orbit on any part of the body. So, why not break away from the norm and try something new?

Advanced Orbit Wraps

Advanced Wraps ->

Tosses and Flairs

Universally impressive. People love watching people throw and catch objects. Tosses and Flairs teach you how to anticipate where an object will be.

Tosses and Flairs with LED orbits

Tosses and Flairs ->

 Click Here for 5.1 "Body Work" ->


Written By: Sean (Ninja)
Last Updated 9/18/2016


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