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Learn Gloving

Learn gloving

Welcome to the Learn Gloving Center, the most extensive online resource out there for learning everything you need to know about gloving. Constantly being updated and contributed to by the world’s most knowledgeable glovers, this is your first and best resource for learning what you need to jump into the world of gloving.

What Is Gloving?

LED light gloves are the creative medium for light show artists and flow artists all over the world. Glovers use glove lights to create mind-blowing dance performances to the tune of their favorite music and to battle head to head with other glovers in competitions across the country.

At EmazingLights, we pioneer the art of gloving into a legitimate art form and competition. The gloving community is constantly growing and connecting in new ways every day.

What You’ll Find Here:

Selecting a Glove Set:Here’s everything you need to know about what goes into a glove set, what all the different accessories are and what best suits your personal needs for your first glove set.

Learn Gloving: Basic beginner tutorials, explanations of different moves, tips videos and tutoring resources can all be found here.

History & Culture(coming soon):This section has everything you might want to know about how gloving came to be and the basic foundations of gloving culture so you can learn everything about what it takes to be a glover.


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