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As a GGN leader, you have access to Emazinglights Wholesale Program. We want to empower each leader with what they need to grow not only as a Flow Artist, but as a business person as well. Wholesale is our way of helping you make money for all the hard work you put in each month, while also supplying your region with more things that they want/need. 

Not only is becoming a wholesaler extremely beneficial to both you as a leader & your community as a whole, it is a necessary step to reach the final tiers of leadership in GGN. We all have those friends that need batts & whites, why not have them purchase directly from you, and make bit of money for yourself at the same time?

What are the benefits:

  • Supply your community with more merchandise they want/need
  • Create a stream of profit to make your events self-funding + make money for yourself
  • Open up the door to vending @ local festivals as a business owner.
  • Money for Larger venue rentals,
  • Better DJ’s/Entertainment, Sound & Speaker Setups
  • Lights and Decoration for better events.
  • Photographers & Videographers.

How to:

  • EL Currently offers a variety of tiers for wholesale packages & product via our website - You must apply to be obtain a wholesale account, and can do so at the top right of the page “Become A Wholesaler”
  • Once you are approved for an account, take a look at the different levels of product packages and decide what makes sense for your own community.
  • Through Wholesale, you can supply your community with more gear & merchandise and create a profit stream for yourself to use to fund your events & teams. A basic setup once you are approved to sell, is having a table w/ Batteries, Gloves, and Whites for purchase at your FNL. You are able to price things at what makes the most sense to you and your team.


Some Regions That Use Wholesale
- Las Vegas, NV
- NorCal (Oakland/Berkeley/Sacramento)
- Phoenix, AZ 
- Columbus, OH
- Most AMBIENCE Regions

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Written By: Alex (Cypher) 
Last Updated: 12/22/2016