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Videos & Photography

The #1 most important thing you could possibly do for your region is getting someone on board your team who has access or experience with Videography / Photography. High Quality content is one of the biggest drivers for interest in GGN, whether it be great light show videos, HD Group Photos that your community will want to share with friends, or just cool shots of your events & setup. Whatever it is, having a dedicated camera man is a massive help & is encouraged for all regions.

Why Would You Want Someone Dedicated to Media?

- Dedicated Camera People often catch more content than leaders themselves do
- Having someone focused entirely on media typically makes for higher quality content. They know what to look for & what shots make the most sense
- Organizing all media through one person makes it easier & less stressful on your entire team

Not only just capturing content, but USING that content after you gather it all is also extremely important. Maximizing the use of each light show video, group shot, or trail shot is a big opportunity that can be easily missed if not used correctly. Every photo, every video, should be posted and used at some point to help highlight people in your community, promote future events, and overall just give good content to the people who care about it most.

The best examples for good use of content come from the strongest GGN regions, unsurprisingly. Each leader makes sure to not just get good content but to also use that content for weeks/months after.

- Phoenix, AZ
- Honolulu, HI
- Chicago, IL

Using photos to promote events, highlighting the best & brightest from the communities light shows (which encourages people to share the videos of themselves, further promoting your region), and connecting people by giving them a central thing to gather around, are all benefits you can expect when you start looking toward using more of your media. Talk to other leaders & the Emazing team for ideas on how to get started & what kind of content works best!

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Written By: Alex (Cypher) 
Last Updated: 9/17/2016