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Using Facebook Groups To Organize Your Region

Why it’s important?

In today’s social media driven world, glovers can stay connected outside of FNL’s and meetups. Video posting is such a big aspect of gloving these days, and members of a local community need a place to message each other and share their new concepts, while receiving feedback on their progress. Setting up an online group on Facebook should be one of the first steps you take when developing a gloving scene.

Having a group will help you organize your community, give you a space to connect with others after events, and give your friends a better way of seeing all the information they need to know in one single place.

What are the benefits?

- Constant communication within the group leads to more hype and larger meetups
- More activity in the group creates more feedback for glovers
- Glovers think about gloving nonstop and can access information whenever they want.
- People can get to know one another at a faster rate

Some of the largest Gloving Regions in the world (Los Angeles, Chicago, Hawaii, and Florida) have all worked together to create their own unique online spaces. The best way to connect everyone, is through your regional FB Group. Take examples from groups like Phoenix Gloving Community, and see what you can start in your own group to inspire others to be active.

  • Start #WeeklyChallenges 

Keep online challenges like #WhipWednesday,#TechTuesday, or #NewMoveMonday a constant in your FB groups. Not only does it encourage practicing, it creates more activity in your groups for others to take part in. It also helps with online shyness for some, with dedicated days like #FreshFaceFridays, where beginner flow artists can post freely without worrying about judgement & receive feedback

  • Online Tournaments/Mini Competitions

Hosting online competitions & tournaments for your groups helps increase bonds with the local community & creates hype for the newer members. Look to things like Puppet from Hawaii’s FABLE Competition for inspiration

  • Giveaways

Utilizing the community package you receive you can give away items like batts & whites to people who are most active/deserving of them. Easy starts to this is people who post the best Weekly Challenges (listed above)

  • Community Hashtag/Branding

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your region is creating something they can rally around. The best case example of this was the Hawaiian community with #AlohaNation. It gave everyone a central code to use to promote their region, created a sense of brotherhood for those who promoted it, and gave their region an Identity. Try thinking of something creative for your own region.

  • Use Social Media To Your Advantage

You are already getting photos & videos of everyone at each of your meetups, why not put it to good use? Things as simple as sharing those videos to your facebook groups & tagging the glovers in them can do wonders for morale in your online groups. “Getting Recorded” by you is something the people should look forward to. It can help create a sense of purpose for these meetups, often times most glovers love recording at an FNL vs at home. It makes them want to post it on their own social as well, furthering promotion of your events for new people.Also, if the video is good EL will post it to the main facebook & instagram channel's, which usually ends up making the glover very happy.

  • Invite More People

You can never have too many friends in your groups, add some random people in there! You never really know who might like the group or not, or perhaps showing a new friend flow arts/what you do in your spare time could be fun. Either way, send some invites to some friends who may not even glove. Couldn't hurt!
Make sure everyone from your group is invited to your local meetup event pages and such. Consistent invites will help people remember later down the road & create a good answer for “hey whats going on next weekend”


In the info section, you should establish rules and provide general info. 
Your group's sidebar should have the following:

  • Summary of Your Group & Your Region
  • GGN Map Link
  • Learn Gloving Center Link
  • Rules (Do’s & Dont’s)
  • List of Admins/Leaders
  • Contact Information
  • Date Founded

  •  An example of how most current regions have their info laid out looks like this - 

    This is the official group page for [Enter FB Group Name Here]

    [Put In Whatever Summary of your group you want here. Keep it friendly & positive, and describe your community as best you can to a new ear)

    We welcome those of all skill levels. We also welcome those who bring the community positive Vibes.

    Are you New To Gloving & Flow Arts? Start Here:
    Start Gloving


    Do Post:

    - Comments
    - Questions
    - Concerns
    - Videos of your own
    - Pictures of your own
    - Helpful tutorials
    - Excitement about past and future  Events
    - We are a community so reach out!

    Do NOT Post (We will delete [without warning])

    - Spam of any sort
    - Drama
    - Disrespectful posts
    - Negative/Hateful things. Keep it Positive.

    If you have any questions about whether your post is allowed or why it got deleted, feel free to message an admin with your concerns.

    Group Admins:

    [List All Admins]

    Contact/Follow us:

    Email - You@YourEmail.com
    Instagram - @YourInstagram

    Like us on fb - www.facebook.com/YourFacebookPage

    Founded 1/1/2016


    Click Here for 2.2 " GGN & Schools" ->

    Written By: Alex (Cypher) 
    Last Updated: 9/17/2016