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Getting Involved With Schools

Depending on your lifestyle, you may either be a student yourself, or know others who are in school. For many Glovers & Flow Artists, the journey begins while in school. They either pick it up from a friend, or learn themselves, and spread to their friend groups.
Whatever the situation may be, leaders can always look to schools & student bodies as an accessible resource for new people. Utilizing an existing local campus can help your region become more successful.
Getting involved with schools learn gloving center

What Are The Benefits?
- Reaching a younger demographic makes for more long-term relationships
- Legitimatizes your efforts & gloving/flow arts as a whole by working w/ public schools.
- Provides a reliable, safe & consistent place to reach out to new people & promote events
- Schools can help bolster your efforts and provide better working relationships / networks
- Emazing still provides all the same support that regular GGN regions receive, just with an added resource pool.

Currently, Emazinglights' main collegiate program is named AMBIENCE. With 15+ chapters all over the world, from California to New Zealand, there's no shortage of model universities to learn from. Building a college-level Flow Arts group is not a quick task, but there are a few simple steps to take when you begin -

How To Start An Ambience Chapter 
  • Create A Club or Student Organization 
Creating an official club/other student organization will affiliate your work w/ your university of choice. It will allow you the ability to apply for grants & funding, advertising on campus, renting rooms on campus for meetups, and working with student councils to host events on campus
  • Talk To Your School About The Options
Being on campus is perfect for students since they are already there and come after classes are over. See what your club would be able to do & what kind of support the school can provide
  • Build A Network Of Club Officers To Help Run The Chapter
Having a team of supporters will be essential to your success. Typical President/Co-Pres models with treasurer, secretary, media/graphics is suggested but specific roles can be created for personal chapter needs.
  • Integrate Your School Ambience Chapter w/ Your Regional FB Group
Your School’s Chapter should be seen as an overall accessory to your GGN Region. An added resource that people can attend in ADDITION to your “normal” meetups. All events on campus should also be promoted in your regional FB Group.
  • Establish Your Chapter Amongst The Rest Of Ambience International
Once you establish your chapter, you should connect w/ the rest of the Ambience Family. The Ambience team will track you on a weekly / monthly basis, and assist you w/ logistics & planning for fundraisers, activities, events, and much more.
What Happens When School Is Over? (Summer)
Host Your Meetups Outside of Campus. Similar to regular GGN Meetups, your chapter does not need to “end” when summer begins, You should look to relocate & continue hosting as frequent as before. Just keep tabs on everyone & their schedules.
I’m Not A Student, Can I Still Do All of This?
Absolutely. You can partner with other glovers who ARE students to be part of your regional team, You yourself do not need to attend a university in order to get something set up there. Teamwork makes the dream work 
Where Are All of the Other Ambience Chapters Located?
Currently, we have 18 full-functioning chapters of Ambience, with plenty more in queue to start next semester. They range from CA, AZ, to NY, all the way out to New Zealand
What is the difference between an Ambience Chapter & GGN Region?
Ambience Chapters exist exclusively within Universities & Student Bodies. They should be encompassed within an overall larger GGN Region, and function alongside the leaders & their region, rather than against it. Ambience & GGN work together, GGN however, owns Ambience.
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Written By: Alex (Cypher) 
Last Updated: 9/17/2016