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1.4 Requirements & Expectations

With great power, comes great responsibility. No we're not endowing you with superhuman spider hybrid powers, but we are entrusting you with something just as important: Defining the future of Flow Arts as a whole. Through your work in this program, you will shape the lives of countless people around you, and perhaps create the next best thing for Flow Artists along the way. It is important that the GFN team stays in sync, and on the same page

Every month, leaders are working together to create the best experience for Flow Artists possible. This teamwork is the secret sauce to GFN's Success, so it is essential that everyone does their part and upholds the same basic standards as each other. At minimum, we can expect -

  • 2 Events Hosted w/ 15 people each (or 1 w/ at least 25)
  • Manage a regional FB group w/ 50+ members
  • Provide Videos & Photos of your meetups for us to promote you on Social 

Everyone starts at the same basic requirements, so there should be no confusion amongst leaders on what success looks like.

Once you've hosted an event during the month, you should get credit for it! While it is your responsibility to ensure that hear & know about it, we've created this quick form for you to submit Event Reports with - At only 10 questions (2 being your name and location) this is the easiest & fastest way to let HQ know how things went at the end of the night

- Click Here for the Event Report Form -  

Everyone has exactly 7 days to report an event to their GGN managers. We cannot accept reports that are more than 7 days old. If you know beforehand you are unable to make the deadline, due to problems with your health, or computer/phones, contact your GGN manager and let them know asap so you don't get punished for it

Each month, your activity and events will determine your “Monthly Ranking”. This will be an accumulation of the points from various metrics collected throughout the month such as How many events you held, how many attendees you had, your social media growth, and the growth of your online groups.

If you are unable to meet the minimum requirements listed above, your GGN manager will talk with you to figure out a game plan on how to improve. However, if after 2 months you are still unable to hit your requirements, your region will be deactivated until you are able to once again. If you are deactivated, it does not mean you are out 100%, it just means that we need to restructure & plan to make sure that your region is still successful

- Click Here To Read Ahead For An Explanation On Rankings -

Altogether, if we're able to perform to the same standards as one another, we are a happy and healthy team. If there are some people not pulling their own weight, or skating by on the work provided by other people without doing what they're supposed to, then we are an unhealthy team. We are all working toward the same goal, it is essential that we all make moves together.

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Written By: Alex (Cypher) 
Last Updated: 1/18/2017