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1.6 Rankings

Rankings are an important part of being a GGN leader. Every month, the statistics & performance of every region is listed for leaders to review & understand where they are amongst the rest of the GGN team around the world. 

 How It Works

Rankings are determined on the 1st of the month, every month. There are 4 key metrics that your performance is measured on -

  1. Facebook Group Growth (how many people you added/lost in the month)
  2. Total Events Hosted
  3. Total Attendees
  4. Point Modifiers(Special credit awards for good things you did, or Strikes for bad things)

    Each of these metrics are totals summed up from your event reports that you submit to the GGN coordinators, Sean & Alex. Depending on how you did, you are ranked in that category, in comparison to all of the other regions (if you had the second highest number of events, you rank as #2 for that category)

    Once we rank each of these categories, we average them all out together to determine your "Index Ranking". This is the one rank you care about the most, because your index ranking determines your overall placement on the leaderboard.

    The lower your index score, the better you did.  (Example: if you score #1 in all categories, your average would be #1 across the board. But if you score #15 in all categories, your average would be 15th place) 

    Once you are placed in the index, we apply what we call "Point Modifiers" to your index ranking. The Point Modifiers are extra credit items that you either completed or were awarded to you for that month (see: Special & Awards sections in the screenshot above)

    Point Modifiers are the most game-changing piece of the puzzle for you as a leader, because each point you either receive or get docked, will move you 1 full point in the index ranking. So even if you were #2 in all categories and didnt make the top spot initially, if you completed a bunch of Special Tasks and received points for each of them, you could be boosted way above everyone else.

    Things You Can Receive Special Point Modifiers For:

    • Throwing a Competition
    • Hosting a Facemelt Crew
    • Hosting a Club Glove Event
    • Filming a Group Video w/ Your Team/Community
    • Hosting a Glove4Glove Event
    • Special Recognition (Non-listed special achievements awarded by GGN coordinators, like donating gloves to the homeless, or getting a million views on a video of your team)

    In addition to receiving extra points, you may also receive strikes for bad behavior in the month. You can receive strikes for things like reporting late on important events, being caught w/ drug use at your events, not hosting any events at all, or not providing media proof of your events, having negative growth two months in a row, or publicly talking shit to other GGN team members.

    Click Here for 2.0 "Growing Your Community" ->


    Written By: Alex (Cypher) 
    Last Updated: 9/17/2016