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1.5 Levels & Supply

Throughout your time in the GFN, you will no doubt find yourself in different places, doing different things. Introducing "Levels" (or tiers if you prefer) allow us to figure out what regions need more in order to succeed, and who the top players are. Every month we will not only give you time & energy to plan and coordinate your meetups, but we also will send you packages of Emazinglights merchandise to use to supply your region, for free.. How you utilize the packages will define your overall success as a leader.

Level 1 is where everyone begins, it is the minimum baseline for leaders to work within GFN, and receives the most basic package available. At Level 1, we expect the following from each leader:

  • Host at least 1 Event Per Month
  • Manage & Maintain a Regional FB group with 50+ members
  • Provide Media of events for proof & promo
  • Average 25 people per event

These are the only things we require from Level 1. If you are someone who wants to build something greater, and create a more impactful experience for your city, you should look to advance to the next tier.
In order to reach Level 2, you must do the following:

  • Average 50 attendees per meetup/event
  • Host 1 "Special" Event per month (Competitions, Facemelt Crew, Glove4Glove,)
  • Manage & Maintain a Regional FB group w/ 100+ Members
  • Host 2x events per month on a defined schedule

As a level 2, you get more rewards & time from EL staff in order to ensure sucess (reward breakdown is below), but you also have a higher responsibility than a Level 1. We put more effort & trust in Level 2 leaders that prove themselves as a cohesive, and consistent team. When you make it to level 2, we expect you to share our vision & mindset for GFN, all with one underlying mission: Get. Shit. Done. 

Depending on what Level you are in GFN, you will receive a package every other month from EL for you to use at your events & online. The package breakdown looks like this -

Level 1 Package

  • (300) 1620 Batteries
  • (40x) 2020 Batteries
  • (10x) Medium Magic Stretch Gloves
  • (4x) Large Magic Stretch Gloves
  • (4x) Small Magic Stretch Gloves
  • (3x) Drawstring Bags
  • (5x) 8 Inch Emazing Dankhead Stickers
  • (1x) EZLite Set
  • (1x) White Electro Gloves
  • (1x) Orbite X3 (2-Light)
  • (100x) GGN Business Cards

As you rise up through the levels, we add more merchandise to these packages to suit your needs & allow you more flexibility with what you give out. Essentially, when you reach Level 2, you get more stuff! Not only do you get more gear, but as a Level 2 or higher, you are the first choice for our other programs. Things like Facemelt Crew, or BOSS competitions are owned and run by you as a Level 2, and will be used to bolster the rest of your region and expand into all new territories. When you are able to prove yourself as a leader and reach the higher levels, we will put more trust in you with larger, more cool opportunities that those at lower levels do not have access to, something to think about when considering where your efforts can be focused.

So every other month a fresh package of supply is sent to you, but what should you use it for? Here's some examples of what "good use" of the supply would look like -

  • Using the supply package as competition prizes
    •  There are plenty of batts & whites that can be used as 1st & 2nd place prizes for mini competitions, use this to your advantage and give your community something to look forward to, with real rewards
  • Using the supply in online giveaways & contests
    • Everyone likes free stuff, why not make it worthwhile? Get your community on board with a giveaway or contest, the entry method is entirely up to you. Want people to comment on a dope cypher video you recorded? tell them you have 20 batts to the best comment caption on the post. Want people to show up to Club Glove? Tell them youre giving away 100 batts at the door. Be creative!
  • Giving helpful community members some gear for their hard work
    • A little help goes a long way, If you have someone thats helpful to you either by hosting or promoting your events, or maybe they just help clean up when the night is over show your community members some love & share the spoils with them, they will remember it, and you get valuable help at the same time, that's a win-win situation

When you are doing all of the above and are ready to move to the next level, you will be approached by your GGN manager in order to start the process. Stay positive, work hard! Anyone can achieve Level 2 or higher, it all depends on the work you do in the program.

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Written By: Alex (Cypher) 
Last Updated: 1/18/2017