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Growing Your Community

Flow Art Events can be the most rewarding not just for the attendees, but for you, the organizers. Gathering a community of like-minded individuals to enjoy flowing together is definitely a unique experience; At the end of the day, its about creating a healthy community & being able to sustain it well enough to be passed on to the next passionate generation. Ensuring that others will be able to enjoy the same fun that we have, today.

When considering what your specific community needs (everyone has different needs) you should take into account all of the different things other leaders have done to solidify support in their own communities. Never be afraid to ask questions from your fellow leaders or from the Emazing team themselves - They are here to help.

Lights Out! Competition in Honolulu, Hawaii

What Are The Benefits?

- Stronger communities create stronger relationships
- New People & Fresh Perspectives make for healthy events
- The bigger your community is, the more people will want to visit your area.

What You'll Learn

Some of the strongest GGN regions have become almost places of worship for Glovers & Flow Arts around the world. Places like the infamous #Alohanation, Chicago, or gloving's birthplace in Los Angeles CA, have all brought hundreds of glovers around from all over the world, and created friendships that long outlast the lightshows.

Other Regions & Leaders To Look At For Inspiration:
- Phoenix Gloving Community
- 808 Gloving Community
- Chicago Gloving Community

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Written By: Alex (Cypher) 
Last Updated: 9/17/2016