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Glove 4 Glove

Glove4Glove is EmazingLights's charity initiative, bringing the Art of Gloving into the hands of disabled men & women who aren't able to just get up and dance like others. On our own, we've made some solid progress, but as a GGN leader, you have the chance to take this program to new places, reaching more people than Emazing alone could. It's a real chance for you to give back to not just your community, but the world. It doesn't matter what age, race, or demographic you belong to, Glove4Glove involves you, in some way shape or form.

glove 4 glove charity

What Are The Benefits?
- Glove 4 Glove is an opportunity to reach new people & give back to the community in a big way
- Working with Glove 4 Glove brings more legitimacy not only to your region but to Gloving as an art form overall.
- Glove 4 Glove simply helps people. You're bringing new art into someone else's life and that's a beautiful thing

Setting up Glove 4 Glove events is only limited to you and your imagination. So far we've worked with lots of different kinds of people. It's not limited to disabled/ill people, it can be for children as well. An example of the range that Glove4Glove has is shown by Materia visiting a wheelchair-bound health center, to Cypher & Teddy teaching children at a local school how to glove. Each of these is a unique experience and helps prove that Gloving is more than just something you do at festivals. It can benefit anyone, big or small.

How Do You Start With Glove 4 Glove?

First, you need to have an idea. Choose someone or a group of people that you want to work with, and why.Schools, Hospitals, Community Centers (Boys & Girls Club, YMCA), are all great places to look into. Talk to someone who can get you involved with those people, and then set up a date to go in and teach them some cool gloving moves like Stacking, Finger Rolls, or Whips. 

Each Glove4Glove event that you put on, will bring more people and is a very good way of getting Gloving into more places around your city versus hosting parties every other week. Besides just Gloving, you'll be working with people who are eager to learn & try something new. That in itself is a reward.

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Written By: Alex (Cypher) 
Last Updated: 9/17/2016